About Us

What happens when you take a Thai fresh food expert, add a Californian who has “been there, done that”, work over 12 years feeding a bar/tourist area on Patong beach road, then open your own eatery and locate it right smack in the middle of beautiful Patong Beach, in fabulous Phuket, Thailand? You get THAI TACO. We are globalization.

In 1999, the Thai fresh food expert was introduced to Tortillas and Avocados, and the delicious journey began. This Taco Stand’s popularity continues to grow. It is the classic combination of great taste, inexpensive price, friendly Thai service, popular location and word of mouth. No fancy marketing, advertising, gimmics or ploys. Just friends telling friends.

The only advertising used are the Classic THAI TACO Shirts and Neoprene Cooler cups distributed around the world. These comfortable colorful cotton Shirts with pocket are a favorite. They also have tank tops (singlets). Stop by and pick up yours.  Then send us your THAI TACO Shirt digital photo from your location on the globe. We will post it at our website’s T-shirt photo page .

Check out all of this website. It covers this Taco Stand and it also shows its location;  famous Patong Beach on the Island of Phuket, Thailand.  Note the sublevel pages above, bulleted on the left side. On this page:  1) a day of colors, 2) world wide thai taco t-shirts, 3) exotic eats,  and 4) party like it’s 1999. On the PATONG BEACH page see sublevel pages: 1) latest beach report, 2) songkran, 3) 12/26/2004 tsunami, and 4) patong bay. On the MENU page see sublevel pages: 1) happy customers, 2) unsolicited reviews, 3) send us your input, 4) blog, and 5) thai recipes. Note the GALLERY page photos complements these stories. Enjoy.

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