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Read the latest beach report on the Patong beach web page of this website. It covers reports from Feb 2, 2010 to May 5th, 2015. Note having problems with long entries in this website. Now May – December 2015 is lost below and March to current not entered yet. Stay posted.

3/10/2016 – THAI TACO slow, looks like needs Big Boss back to spice it up.

3/2/2016 – THAI TACO busy thanks to House Bar coming over and announcing Ross’s birthday. Good man from Australia. Big Boss back to Ventura Beach pad, nice. The Vegas/Utah/Colorado/Arizona/Laughlin journey was special.

2/29/2016 – Record gross February Sales for THAI TACO ever, thank you. Big Boss still in USA desert, been walking Davis Dam area outside of Laughlin. 80 deg F weather and desert flowers blooming on Colorado River special. This trip was in Steamboat where Colorado river begins and is under 4 feet of snow and then see river in desert as note above. Nice.

2/26/2016 – THAI TACO Patong quieting. Big Boss in Nevada desert still. Walked Hoover Dam, new Az/Nv Pat Tillman honorary bridge, then Colorado river in Az. Took old friends, gorgeous winter weather (70-80’s F, no clouds). Also rode the Linq sky wheel in Vegas, was in the happy half hour car, world class views.

2/22/2016 – Makabhucha buddhist holiday. THAI TACO closes in honor. Gang went to Shabushi Junk Ceylon, great feed. Jacob and others going home, Thai Taco slowing down from very busy period.

2/20/2016 – Big Boss in Rockies, plenty of snow, but a 3 week break in weather made roads dry. Beautiful, Steamboat, Denver, Durango and made it to mountains of Flagstaff, Arizona today. Arizona Snowbowl gorgeous.

2/15/2016 – Big Boss made it to Southern Utah, beginning SW/Rockies tour during break in winter weather.

2/10/2016 – Big Boss hitting desert outside Vegas, good winter weather. Back in Patong beach, THAI TACO busy.

2/7/2016 – 50th Super Bowl. Big boss partying in Vegas with old friends. Many from Denver so they happy happy. THAI TACO busy with high season, thank you Switzerland.

2/4/016 – High Season, plenty of good customers (repeat and new). Big boss back to So. Cal and Vegas for Carolina/Denver Superbowl.

2/2/2016 – Received beautiful neoprene beer bottle cooler cups with logo for THAI TACO. Made locally by Octopus Wetsuits ran by a Belgium man – Paul and good local Thai textile workers. Also received some beautiful Polo shirts with logo. Both supplies split for THAI TACO and in luggage to America for distribution.

2/1/2016 – Big Boss back to THAI TACO. Pattaya is a mans world. So many old men on pensions sitting at their restaurants, bar stools and go go clubs discussing the world. Big party with our local Swiss, Auzzie and Thai friends. Excuse was Big Boss was back and leaving for America for a couple of months. Annual Super Bowl party in Vegas with old friends is the catalyst.

1/29/2016 – Excellent oilfield workshop, Big Boss ran into some old cohorts from Burma and Indonesia past. Jacob 80 year plus man from Switzerland back, long time friend and frequent visitor THAI TACO. Welcome back. Big boss off to Pattaya to investigate.

1/23/2016 – Big Boss missing oilfields. Off to Yangon to attend Society of Petroleum Engineers workshop for Frontier Deepwater Drilling. Of course oil prices are very low currently as Upstream did so good at getting supply. i.e. upstream ops – Offshore, Deepwater and the Shale horizontal and fracking boom.

1/22/2016 – Big Boss has a Thai Retirement visa. Requires check in at Immigration if there for 90 days. Easy enough although Patongs Immigration office across from old THAI TACO is very busy as Phuket is packed here in middle of high season.

1/21/2016 – Busy day time, nice. Long time college bud directed a traveling gal from Chicago to Thai Taco. Perfect stop over point for food, advice, hotel, massage. Next day she off to Phi Phi.

1/20/2016 – Hired regular driver and did much shopping Phuket town. Also used Khun Toe Kodak/photoshop/misc. office services on Nanai. Great value for services here compared to California.

1/18/2016 – Jacks birthday. Another bbq and excuse for party. He is a retired Auzzie from Sydney who is a local Patong Beach fan. He and his Thai lady our long time THAI TACO customers. Good crowd in addition, local massage bosses, local bar boss, other locals, good fun.

1/17/2016 – Heavy rain storm, flooding but manageable.

1/15/2016 – Same story new customers coming back becoming old customers. THAI TACO full again. Plus getting spot on reviews on the internet. Spread the word Johannesburg!!

1/14/2016 – Another birthday party for long time THAI TACO employee. Big boss hung over and sore from too many days in a row, so stayed on hill. However THAI TACO was again jumping. Great to see new, young, hip customers showing up and coming back, they learning THAI TACO great fun and value. Delicious food, nice new pool table, nice setting, plenty of drinks, great service, low price. Fun time again for them.

1/13/2016 – Ordered THAI TACO Neoprene Cooler Cups for drinks, ordered THAI TACO shirts, working with IP lawyer USA and Thailand. Many good old friends come back after Jan 9th 1st anniversary, great sales and fun, thank you. Good to see people know good food, value, service and fun, and they come back.

1/10/2016 – Big Boss, Real Boss sleep Thai Taco. Big boss wake up 0500am and watch NFL playoffs live. Had a six pack of cold Chang’s for breakfast and great games.

1/9/2016 – Yeah!!! 1 year anniversary party for new Thai Taco location. Of course everyday a party in Patong. Great attendance from old friends, thanks, a good time for all.

1/6/2016 – Beach walk today showed the holiday rush is over. Crowds down ~25%, although still busy, but the packed Christmas New Years period is now over. Time to take down the decorations. Time to go back to work. Very windy today and very sunny. THAI TACO was a little quieter, especially in the evening. Sawatdirak road not as popular as Beach Road, Rat-U-Thit and Wild Bangla. Ross Australian man had Birthday Party at Poo’s House Bar in Soi Belvedere Center Point area. THAI TACO crowd went over 23:30 to 02:30. A good beer bar Soi with old Thai style fun. Plenty of loud music, drinking, dancing, pool, food, I love you darling. A good time.

1/4/2016 – Big Bosses old college friend sent his vacationing friends/family to THAI TACO. Excellent time for all, it is so refreshing to see good customers. These ones traveled from California for their family holiday at Krabi, Phi Phi and Kata. They loved THAI TACO in the crazy town of Patong!! Had a great rainstorm for about and hour in the late evening. Not too many more left.

1/2/2016 – Big Boss enjoying the NCAAF bowl games at Mountain Pad. THAI TACO still busier than heck and the girls are getting tired. Anyway big boss walked the beach and mountain. Best gauge for Patong Crowd is beach walk. The town is packed, everybody having fun. Even noticed the Gay beach section was packed again. Still low on topless count, even with beach full, maybe less than 5. I remember when it was over 100 this time of year. Same nil sail boats in the bay. Used to have over 100 watching fireworks. There was a quality Yacht, almost looked like small cruise ship. Oh well, place still partying. Nothing like a beach holiday for Christmas and New Years. Heard Brad Pitt and Angie Jolene wife and 7 kids are on Phuket. Of course they staying Amanpuri luxury villa north on island, reportedly 18,000 usd/night, nice.

1/1/2016 – THAI TACO packed from opening hours and all day. Great sales again, thank you all. Funny observation from last nights happy new year crowd. Many had to go bathroom and THAI TACO has one of the cleanest ones in Patong. Of course this is for customer, but remember the backbone of Patong is it is loaded with cheap charlies. e.g. They buy drinks at Family Mart next door, then want to bring in THAI TACO. They want to use free Wi-Fi at THAI TACO, but not want to buy food or drink. And they want to use Toilet for free. Of course THAI TACO manages the crowd. Had a beautiful Russian lady (Moscow) come from fireworks beach crowd on way back to town and she asked to use toilet. She was escorted by big handsome Russian Man. As soon as THAI TACO crowd started the toilet for customer lines, Russian Man knew and whipped out 1000 baht bills like Big Boss does. He bought a round of drinks for the bar, then his pretty gal used bathroom, then chatted up the crowd after. Perfect. At the same time a fat Dubai guy sits down. He is waiting for cheap BBQ sticks as THAI TACO kitchen closes 23:00 ish. BBQ the main easy food being sold at late hours on Sawatdirak (or Family Mart hot dogs or mama). There is a cart near THAI TACO. Same with motorcycle taxi, as there is action at this soi. Anyway no problem. big man where you from? Dubai, no problem can sit down, do you want drink? No… Dubai man looked so low 20 baht for bbq from outside, no buy drink inside, fortunately he was embarrassed by Moscow couple handling it corrected and fat man left. As real boss said many times, and it such a right on line, “some good, some bad, every country”. Happy New Year 2016!!! (2559 Thailand Calendar)

12/31/2015 – Happy New Year. BBQ, old friends, newbies, plenty of folks in town. All time THAI TACO record sales, both from the old shop and the new. Happy New Year. Of course the fireworks view from the home on the hill is world class. But business time for THAI TACO, so that took precedence. So many people walking by THAI TACO on Sawatdirak Rd., as they going to beach to view midnight fireworks. Big Boss told real boss look out, they all got to walk back. THAI TACO rocked till 0430am. Big Boss made it to 0300 am.

12/30/2015 – Big Boss down off the hill, don’t like average days like yesterday. Time to see what up and prep for happy new year. Good day sales, but then quiet night? Then classic Thai style the power goes off for 2 hours. Remember they just were down for 7 hours 2 days ago?! Again THAI TACO cooks primarily with gas (do have electric fryers) and has plenty of ice, candles and flashlights. So this just started a different party later in evening. This is Thailand. This is why big boss moved here in 1999, everybody worried Y2K and computer chaos etc. Heck its an everyday occurrence in Thailand and you get by.

12/29/2015 – Just an average day for THAI TACO, possibly folks saving themselves for 2016. Sure has been windy this past week. Also all the rains have stopped, even the isolated thundershowers that were quite strong if you were in the wrong place. Looks like end of rainy season.

12/28/2015 – Classic Thai Style they decided it is time to repair electric, down from 0900 to 1600. Good excuse for Big Boss head back to peaceful mountain. Real boss and the girls did well with no electric, have gas and ice, busy days. Still lots of fun/food at nights. Its the holidays. Reports of 80-90 % room occupancy, busy roads, airport traffic and estimated expenditures high per Thai Travel Authorities. They are right, the beach walks show the place is packed with holiday revelers. All ages and cultures all having a great time.

12/27/2015 – Town a rocking, holiday season is here. Big Boss stayed mountain, but after few beers went down to THAI TACO for the evening. The place is busy already then Big Boss rolls in (literally rolling) and the bar explodes. Had Swiss, Russian, Americans, Chinese, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Thais, Australians, all having great time.

12/26/2015 – Whoa Swiss Frank and his swiss francs is back, Merry Christmas. Have good Poland bizz man living Sweden long time coming everyday, he has caught the THAI TACO spirit. Big Boss back to Mountain Retreat after 3 days of heavy fun. Real boss even shut down after Kitchen closed 23:00 pm and headed to peaceful Mountain home. Oh yeah its now 11 years since Tsunami. THAI TACO and Swiss old timers telling their tales the past few days, what an event and we were there.

12/25/2015 – Merry Christmas. Record new THAI TACO sales. So many old customers came by for special day. Then the newbies see the action, etc. come in, the place rocked. Local Swiss men snow birds stayed till 0400am. Big Boss went down for count 0230 am, real Boss and long time employee entertained after.

12/24/2015 – Crowds starting to show up, talk about last minute. THAI TACO played Christmas music all day via You Tube, WI-FI and smart TV, such a special time.

12/23/2015 – Big boss did his walks, closed oilfield AND website work, time for staying down in crazy town vs. quiet peaceful mountain life just minutes away. Off to THAI TACO for 3 days ish Christmas. Again love the Thai ladies in red. Big Boss even to wear his red THAI TACO shirt, tis the season.

12/22/2015 – Still not seeing the rush. Noticed gay beach section was even quiet. Big Boss loving the beach and mountain walks and beginning of NCAAF college bowl holiday season. Cruise ships regularly arriving, Singapore the main, but have a German one also. Nil Sailboats in the bay like the old days.

12/20/2015 – The Christmas crowd starting to show up. These people have jobs, i.e. are educated and have some money and now getting some well deserved time off. Again beach, bangla and junk ceylon are busy. The changing face of Patong? The new Developers are thinking that this is going to be a high end crowd? They just don’t know Thailand and Patong. This crowd is on a budget, always have been. Most people are not wealthy. The exchange rates are not helping them either. Granted there is wealthy and high end, but they are few in numbers. The Patong visitor wants good cheap fun. Even the more well healed Christmas traveler are not the wealthy that the new developers think are out there.

12/18/2015 – Big boss walked his special enclave on the South Mountain. This is in the hills overlooking Patong, very private and scenic and quiet, yet so close to party town Patong. Again witnessed many empty developments. There is capital in this world, but then making it pay out is a completely different story. Saw where the biggest villa in Patong was empty and was offering 60% discounts on their website. This is not the only empty villa and this is high season!?. Big boss was always against these greedy clueless developers, so as Real Boss would say Som Kna Na.

12/16/2015 – Again back to the dilution theory, i.e. too many shops trying to make a go of it in this world famous tropical resort. See shuttered businesses all over the island. Not too many winners. However the crowds do hit the beach, soi bangla and junk ceylon mall. New THAI TACO has good customers, many are returning old customers and many new. Not sure how to recruit/educate finical new customers for the new locale. Real boss says it takes time. Many complement the new THAI TACO set up.

12/14/2015 – Big boss doing his regular walks all over the bay. Went to Merlin Beach