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“Cool Website!” – Several

“Set up a mechandise/e-commerce page for the T-shirts and other Thai Taco souvenirs.” -  Ron Picciotti, Ron Dorovi, Pam O’Sullivan,  Jonathan Sherman,  Nick Starace.

“Add a google map to your contact page.” – Tom Gallivan

“Add a fan of facebook, blog,  social networking, get links from other sources.” – Tom Gallivan

“Your party like its 1999 is weak, post the real pictures!!” – Dan Craft

“I knew if I stayed in touch with you, I’d be famous.” – John Manta

“This makes me miss Lamduan’s cooking.” – Mike Virga

“I can’t wait till Lamduan visits us again in Southern Utah.  When she cooks its like a buffet!” – Nick Leko

“I love the Tapatio Taco Sauce, it reminds me of Baja and So. California.” – Audelssa Winery Enologist

“Wow! Pico Pico and other hot sauces straight from California.” – Dongmai Koh Lanta

“This is the best food in the world!” – Drunk, horny male visiting Patong.

“This food tastes way better than the famous Ban Rim Paa and that costs me 100 dollars.” – Australian Mom.

“We (heart) the gong” – sticker posted by Ozzie Party Girl, reportedly South of Sydney. “We love Thai Taco”.

“I love Thai Taco, I have been coming here for like 8 years.” – Melbourne, Oz world traveler.

“BTW, the Thai Taco website is sweet!” -  Chuck Sargent

“Fun Website, hope you don’t sneak any of those fried bugs into the tacos.” – Les Green

“I like the patong beach/latest beach report and now the menu/blog page, it is a great blog on Patong for people who have been there or not yet been there.” – Tom Pope

“Putting the word topless in your beach report, smart, that word attracts lots of others to website from all over the world. They see it via their searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.” – Gerry Hewitt

“The salsa is actually a PICO de Gallo, delicious side with the tacos. Wow you have delicious Avocados too!” – American Chef working in Abu Dhabi

“We found your restaurant after looking at Trip Advisor website. We had a yearning for Mexican food and this was highly recommended.” – University of California San Luis Obispo Graduate

“Wow, 2 of my favorite foods, I had to come into THAI TACO.” – GE Locomotive Engineer, Eerie, Pa.

“Thai Taco, 2 of my favorite foods” – Jessica Traveling Chicago Gal

“You need to set a THAI TACO facebook page.” – Mike Virga

“We don’t do Facebook.” – Big and Real Boss

“You need to set up a THAI TACO facebook page.” – Luca Mendosa

“You are sitting on a goldmine” – Luca Mendosa

“Note a customer set up a THAI TACO facebook page in 2013, it is still getting hits and not officially endorsed” – Big Boss

“Now another unofficial THAI TACO facebook page in 2015, whatever, we prefer Google and Trip Advisor” – Big Boss

Looking at customers one evening: “They are from Germany, he is from America, she is from Thailand, you are from Philippines, he is from England, they are from China” – Big Boss

“THAI TACO is like the United Nations” – Tony Philippine 5 star hotel food manager commenting on above.

“I like the fusion concept. For example rice in the taco’s and pineapple in the Nachos” –  Bert Retired Phuket, from Galveston, Tx.

“I have been coming to THAI TACO  since 2006″.  Mike from Houston, Tx. Ethylene Operations Singapore

“I first came to THAI TACO in December, now I am back in July”.  My friend in Norway also likes this place and told me to come.” – Snowre Helicopter Pilot Norway