Prep meat, vegatable, spices, oils, sauce, rice, fried egg, wok, read first, then in this order:

1st) Meat

Heat wok dry, add soybean oil and cover bottom

Med heat

add previously chopped chicken leg or thigh. (or chopped pork, or steak), cook 90%

then add

Previously chopped raw garlic and chopped raw thai chilies

2nd) Vegatable

Below chopped for Stir Fry

  • 2 bok choy (and/or other big greens, eg. spinach, mustard, swiss chard)
  • .7 broccoli
  • one green chili
  • one red chili
  • one yellow chili
  • ½ carrot
  • 10 green bean
  • 10 snow pea
  • mushrooms

Mix into 1) above and turn to high heat, Mix above. Trick add a little water once mixed and cooked.

 3rd) Sauce and Spices

8 shakes Oyster Sauce, add Seasoned salt,  add ½ tbls sugar.

Then add sauce and spices and stir fry.

leave 2 minutes with top on


4th) Serve on bed of steam rice, top with fried chicken egg, or use as a taco filler.




 Prep 15 wings in a Bowl

 Mix in to taste each below, wet rub, get your hands dirty

  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Season Salt
  • A pinch of Kanom (Chinese Salt)

Heat wok dry, add soybean oil, let oil hot, reduce heat add chicken wings, increase heat, move while frying, remove when beginning crisp yellow brown.

Dry and cool down on newspaper/napkin/towel on flat tray. Serve with steamed rice, raw thai chilis and garlic.