Good to see Thai Taco getting the recognition it deserves. More and more customers are coming in and saying we found you highly recommended on the Trip Advisor website. I looked it up Whoa, some right on reviews, see the link and add your input.

I looked around the web recently and found another reviewers site, check it out

Below were some of the earlier reviews found through out the web. There seems to be a common theme here… basically a special, small, delicious, fresh, flavorful, inexpensive, great service TACO STAND, that serves up some of the best MEXICAN tastes in Asia and their THAI food is excellent also (as reviewers state, when you see the locals getting their food there, there is a reason). WESTERN/AMERICAN/AUSTRALIAN is delicious also, i.e. burgers, sandwiches, fries, chili, fried chicken, fried shrimp, salads. Up to your taste buds, try them all at once in a group, or come back another day and try something different. Many do.

If you feel like a light lunch try the thai taco past bangla rd on the beach rd its got the fluro woodgrain tables.They do a great burger.”

- WWW.TRIPADVISOR.IN/Patong Forum/Cheap eats

“Thai Tacos: Good Lunch Satisfaction:  rated a 5 out of 5 “ ….a 70b shrimp fried rice that is superb, or the wrap style soft taco, it was our favourite stop off point on the way back to the Novotel.”


“OK so down by immigration.. Sailor bar, Irish bar, Thai Taco stand and that lot.

Yes, thats the place, now I remember also by my selve because you mentioned Thai Taco stand, and I always took there a hamburger , delicious ”


“…one of the best places to visit late at night when you start feeling hungry is Thai Taco Patong.

Thai Taco Patong does serve some of the best tacos which I have ever enjoyed outside of Mexico and the USA.”

…you can also order a wide range of Thai dishes which is especially very useful if you have a Thai lady with you.

..other dishes which you might be interested in include hot dogs, chili con carne, sandwiches and excellent burgers.”


“Thai Taco on Beach Road (Tawewong Road) in front of La Bamba, it’s not a restaurant but a snack bar, you sit at the Sunrise Bar (hassle free bar) and the menu are on the table.

-corn chips
-home made salsa

Everything is made fresh next to you even the chips.

I recommend the freshly made guacamole who is very good

They make pretty good burgers, you wont go to McDonald again!”


“There’s also a halfway decent taco stand at the entrance where you can get some late-night cheap grub.”


I am heading back to Patong in a few weeks for my 5th visit….. ANY cool places that they have discovered that I should see?”  ”Whether it be a bar, a restaurant a show etc……” Some shared here: “We decided to explore so we left and just down the cliff face we found this great little restaurant/bar nestled in among the rocks.. It was absolutely beautiful and cheap! We were there right on sunset and it was spectacular we had our own little area perched in amongst the rocks. The water splashing just below us and the sea lit by bamboo candles….. warn you the rest rooms are primitive….” “Also visited a couple of regae bar’s/restaurants on top of the cliff on the way to Karon that had the best view.”….  Food wise, there’s is also a fantastic Thai taco place just up past patong bay garden resort (heading away from bangla across the road from the beach), that food is the best and sure hit the spot for an adventurous traveler.”

-WWW.TRIPADVISOR.COM.AU – Patong Forum: Insider secrets…

“Have recently travelled to thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia a heap and have enjoyed finding little out of the way eateries and small bars that are often quirky or hidden but offer great taste and value and are still clean. Was hoping for some insider tips on good places to try…For example in PatongPhuket there is a little Taco (Thai-Taco) Bar that sits within a drinking bar on one of the soi’s and it is deadset the best Taco I have ever had!”

-WWW.TRIPADVISOR.IN/ Out of the way-quirky eateries and drinking hole tips!!!