5/5/2015 – Nong our old neighborhood friend from Blue Point was in a bad motorcycle accident during Songkran. She is laid up in a bed with a broken leg and pins installed. Long time recovery rehabilitation in her future. Motorcycle accidents so common in Thailand. Real boss found out from Khun Id at Kathu Market. Big boss called, Real boss stopped by, get well and best wishes Nong.

5/4/2015 – Frank Switzerland great customer headed back home. His 2 week vacation over. We look forward to his return. He visits THAI TACO 3 times a day, drinks, eats, plays pool, laughs. He brings kilos of chocolates from Switzerland. He does his daily beach mountain walks, broken up by drinking warm Leo beer. He buys clothing for his sisters kids (thai clothing traded for chocolate in his luggage). Safe travels Frank, until next holiday. Whoa John from Switzerland is now back in town. All of our swiss customers are older, except John, handsome and smart and younger. He knows Patong very well. He will be in town for a month. Welcome back.

5/3/2015 – Two big sporting events Saturday night in Los Angeles/Las Vegas was enjoyed live at THAI TACO Sunday morning. The San Antonio Spurs vs. Los Angeles Clippers NBA playoff game 7, which was decided in the last second. Then the Pacquio Mayweather over hyped welter weight boxing match in Vegas. Great entertainment for THAI TACO customers, Claude the frenchman USA citizen, Spike and his Auzzie buddies, USA Khun Ron, THAI TACO crew, Frank good customer from Switzerland and lots of local Thais for the fight. Good fun sure.

5/2/2015 – Big boss walked his longest yet in years. Noticed with all the recent rains a new light/color is in the air. The mountains are greener, the white sandy beach water bluer… Basically the rain has cleared the air, this cleansing has created some great mountain, beach vistas. Again another secret of low season. You trade the crowds, noise, pollution and hustle for some special natural beauty. Later in the evening visited our friends 5 minutes away at House Bar in Soi Belevedere (center point off rat-u-thit). Used to be the UK bar bunch at old Soi Dongtan.

5/1/2015 – Noticed the 3 high end Villas surrounding our home on Mtn. have had no customers for the past week. High season and Songkran is over, right on schedule. Still plenty of folks on beach, again a smorgasbord, but mostly young party’ers. Some russian types still around, a few euros, many Asians included a high Chinese count taking their selfies and the fun loving Aussies are coming. I see where Indonesia executed drug dealers recently from different countries. Heard Australia was going to boycott Bali as 2 of their citizens (non white) were finally executed after being held for 10 years. I wonder if more Aussies will come Phuket, like they did after Kata bombings years back. THAI TACO still has range of customers, but low season upon us. Still take life in your hands crossing roads with signal lights turned off. But at least road quieter.

4/29/2015 – Yeah real boss happy birthday party at THAI TACO. Had good bbq and feed and of course drink. The rain came, but still able to bbq under eve of building. Local babies of the Soi were fed chicken hot dogs, yum yum. Had good Auzzie, USA, Swiss, and Thai customers. Good time for all sure.

4/28/2015 – The weather has definitely changed. For now more and more thunderstorms. Additionally the birds are mating up and nesting in trees, rafters, etc.

4/25/2015 – This onslaught of hand held devices taking pictures is everywhere on the beach. One of the most popular sales item from mobile vendors are selfie extentions. Basically an artificial arm holder about 2 foot long, allowing more selfie etc photos. Looks silly to me, so does the onslaught of tatooed folks. Nowadays it is full on body paint. Young and ? Notice the Aussies love wearing huge tatoos nowadays, men and women. The men are also sporting long goatees. Back home we would just call it white trash. They did have enough money to fly and holiday here, but they don’t look upper class or middle for that matter. The world seems to follow trends, my grandpa complained, then my mom, now me. Oh well older and wiser?

4/24/2015 – Big boss still doing longer and longer beach/mtn walks and getting healthier, yeah. Noticed on the Kalim/Ban Rim Paa side of beach, young Asian newly married couples getting their pictures taken. Looks like just had a ceremoney and are getting scenic beach wave sunset photos in their Tux/Wedding gowns. Funny as control obsessed military gov’t was quoted in news that marriages were not allowed on the beach. I guess these happy couples did not get the memo.

4/23/2015 – Well the good Auzzie couple did a no show. Oh well new location, different dynamics. However other good Auzzies showed up, plus long time swiss customers. Plenty of locals eating THAI TACO. Good place, but new place, it takes time, spread the word.

4/21/2015 – Big boss making his way to mtn home from patong home. Walked Soi Bangla in heat of day, first time in ages. Anyway Auzzie gal chases Big Boss down as she found out from her mates who he is and he wearing his standard THAI TACO billboard tank top. Her family loves THAI TACO and real boss, etc. She long time customer from Soi Dongtan days and now new THAI TACO. She/her husband always wanted to meet big boss as heard so much. Anyway in good Auzzie fashion all drank 4 beers together at a Bangla Bar in the middle of the day. Great folks, good fun.

4/20/2015 – Big boss hanging THAI TACO after mtn/beach walk. Considered visiting Moulin Rouge and their lovely Ukrainian gals. Went there the other night and had great fun, then saw his friends walking our hill for exercise the following day. Good for them, they young, live here and got to stay in shape. Anyway hung THAI TACO instead, drank Chang and played pool (who champion?), listened good music on Smart TV (not CD). Good fun sure. Slept new THAI TACO 3 story shop house.

4/19/2015 – Good business day for THAI TACO. 1st of all Frank from Switzerland is back, he is no. 1 customer when he is here, visits like 3x a day and buys all the employees drinks, no problem. So refreshing compared to Patong cheap charlies (Kineow sp). And then boss UK bar Soi Center point, a Soi Dongtan survivor had surprise birthday party. Her girls know good food/drink/music/pool, i.e. they know how to party, we love UK bar.

4/18/2015 – Good returnee customers, Swiss, Auzzie, England starting to go home. Big Boss stopped by Hooters, the famous American Chain with the sexy bar girls. Granted the servers were gorgeous, but Beers were double THAI TACO prices and food was up to 5 times as much?!! Nachos 499-999 baht?!! All I can say is THAI TACO popular nachos 200 baht, delicious guacamole 130 baht and those are our most expensive items. Ask any THAI TACO customer, there is a reason we get so many returning.

4/17/2015 – Talked to my buddy up country. He reminded me Songkran lasts a week in Thailand and it is now just ending. The constant bass of speakers was starting to do him in. Real boss tells me, traditional Thailand, they go temple regularly and have special days for different activities and it lasts a week. Of course crazy Patong we shoot our wad in less than 2 days. Reportedly we had no traffic deaths on Phuket these past “days of seven” most dangerous time. I think because there was more police checkpoints (or it is misreported in attempt to garner popular vote!?).

4/16/2015 – In regard to my Patong beach walk topless count. The numbers have really dropped with our changing demographics. Count is on the order of 2-5 over the entire beach walk and now they seem to concentrate on the north side (novatel, ban rim paa area). Plenty of thong butts though, most pretty nice. Of course that is part of showing, if you got it, flaunt it. But again our beach is a smorgasbord so you see the range, i.e. families, young I’m partying, muslims berkas, good looking, not so good looking, fit/exercisers, fat, all nationalities, local Thais, etc. As I have said, Fun and Funny place. Don’t believe the whiners, whingers, complainers that everybody is leaving, quite the contrary, but admittedly we have our growth problems. Remember I have been in Patong Beach since 1993.

4/15/2015 – Noted some creativity on the beach service situation. First of umbrella and massage stations returned from previous regimes, just not as many and the beach chairs changed. In fact now they use the sand to sculpt a chase lounge, good idea. Also the mattresses are a plenty. No more of the hard plastic chairs that evolved from the wood ones that created the Tsunami mess. There is also a new onslaught of different portable chase lounge chairs. Both from our enterprising beach boyz and local farang bringing their own. Lots of folks sitting on sand, and towels, like other beaches around the world. There also appears to be an emerging umbrellas sales in the region. Cheap copies of old regime, i.e. look like made in China, but does block the brutal soon which is needed.

4/14/2015 – Big Boss makes it back to Mountain home, ahhh peaceful. Continue walking the mtn/beach and getting healthier yeah. As stated the beach chair/umbrella/massage/drink/food sales and service on the beach going through a change. However it is adapting and still lots and lots of folks in town. Especially for Songkran and Bike Week. As stated China count very high, Russian count very low and Australia starting to show up more and more for their time as southern latitude inhabitants. (i.e. its starting to be fall winter there, hence time to visit tropics). As stated several times in this blog, they continue to make Patong a fun time even during tropical low rainy season. Along same lines the Kiwi’s and South Africans counts increase. Anyway Songkran marks the beginning of rainy season and it rained 3 days in a row right on schedule.

4/13/2015 – Patong beach Songkran still rolling. As per normal, on the 12th it starts slow in am, but full on by afternoon and rolls into evening. Now today it continues as everyone is up to speed. This is the holiday for Patong. BBQs everywhere, booze everywhere, everybody is off, i.e. the truck loads of construction workers are swimming in their jeans, eating bbq and somtam and are surrounded by empty bottles of booze, Thai and Farang music blasting on outdoor speakers and you are going to get wet. Plenty of bikini tops, ice water, powder, cruising pick up trucks, motorcyclists getting soaked, and booze. As stated in previous Songkran blogs on this page, it is such a special time. Australians have picked up on Songkran over the years and they start showing up this time of year big time, including grandmas and grandpas right in the middle of it. As one bloke said, “I long time Thailand, but this was my first Songkran, felt like I was 15 again, good fun, mate.” As our second day of thunderstorms hit, it did squelch the revelers when it poured in the afternoon. Which actually was good timing, as tempers were starting to rise after being blasted for 2 days, people wobbling as they were very drunk, arguments, fights, etc. Great fun sure, but it runs its course in Patong in 2 days, then people plan for next year.

4/12/2015 – We all laughed when control obsessed military gov’t recently posted that they were going to change famous Patong Songkran activities. Granted they are trying to tame the wildness that develops. However they stated in Phuket Gazette the dates would be the 13th and 14th. No “sexy” outfits with pictures of happy farang girls playing in their bikini tops, no ice water, no high powered guns, no powder, no hitting people on motorbikes, no pick up trucks with water buckets/soaking wet revelers, oh yeah and no drinking alcohol. You know what Patong did…. as stated in this blog previously, as soon as the plastic guns go on sale on the streets of Patong by the entrepreneurial merchants, the game is on. Sure enough Songkran started today as usual in Patong Beach. THAI TACO set up water for the kids in the Soi, they had a ball, and of course the rest of Patong joined in. Oh yeah big bikes, etc. roared on by to near by Pla lo mar Beach bike week activities. Still a strange combo to me, but T.I.T.

4/11/2015 – Big boss did his usual mountain/beach walk to Thai Taco. Plan on staying new Shop house and watching upcoming Songkran and Bike Week festivities. Lots and lots of folks in town for the upcoming annual festivities. One advantage of new shop is we have a 3 story shop house right in the middle of Patong Beach. Can live, eat, drink, play, shower, toilet,tv, internet, people watch and sleep all at THAI TACO. The traffic is a mess and has stated it gets dangerous out there.

4/10/2015 – If things are slow and Big Boss is at shop, he is starting to play pool again. Big Boss very good but stayed away from this hobby for years. However now that THAI TACO has added a pool table to its repertoire, Big Boss getting lots of practice. Of course pool tables and bars are common in Patong so some other good players are out there also.

4/9/2015 – Old customers coming back for Songkran always happy when they find the new Thai Taco. Of course the internet (phuket gazette, trip advisor, thai taco website, google maps) shows the new location. Some use that, some find new Thai Taco by word of mouth with friends, locals, tuk tuks, other bizz’s and many just walking Sawatdirak. Soi Dongtan is closed with new development. So Sawatdirak has lots of beach foot traffic. Had 2 good fellows Surfers Paradise, Aus. who have been going Sailor bar for footy for years. Love Thai Taco food. They report Sala Thai to beach road is going down in a couple of weeks. Rumor has it the face of beach road area is changing. New developers think we need more upscale shopping, hotel. They are more visionary than I, although I was wrong about Junk Ceylon. Anyway new Thai Taco well positioned for future. Going to be lots of changes.

4/7/2015 – So sad to see Blue Pt. on our South hill above Patong closed. The condo development just sitting there ~75 percent finished. Now deserted and collecting dust. The sales building unoccupied, the billboard broken, the bar/restaurant from Kamnan family not being worked. This location is one of the most special hangouts with breeze and views on top. It just sitting there now, another Phuket failed business. The gates are open so Big Boss frequents during his mtn/beach walks. This was our life, beers at sunset during the 2000-2010 decade.

4/6/2015 – Big boss walking the beach regularly. Still plenty of folks, but definitely quieter than when left in late January. Went for a swim directly down from Thai Taco Sawatdirak. The water clear and warm, schools of small fish jumping, view back onto the green mountains, always a nice swim. Of course had the broken jelly fish pieces you don’t read about in the tourist brochures. Also scattered plastic garbage. The broken jelly fish is what those little prick like irritants you feel when swimming. Not bad enough to really hurt you, just enough to get you rubbing. Always recommend a shower as soon as exit water. I always bring a bottle of water and it warms up on beach while swimming. Poor boy shower, we have sand filtering, but there is bacteria present also. Don’t swim on the south end of the bay near Seaview and the bridge, basically south of the temporary pier. That lovely fishing village lagoon/stream is scenic under the bridge, but whoa some nasty going in the south bay at low tide. Actually see green algae clinging to the sand. I see locals fishing there? Wow.

4/5/2015 – Special bbq and dinner for special customers. The 2 long time patong Swiss men and their Thai gals ate steak, baked potato, fried rice, fried fish, bbq pork, vegatable dish, great feed. Then we all drank and had good time. In fact some lasted till 0300am. Back to Switzerland tomorrow, will return October. Another sign of high season ending.

4/4/2015 – Realized pier on South Patong bay near Seaview hotel is already gone. Cruise ships reportedly back to deep water port Phuket Town. Always a signal waves are coming and high season ending. It used to be after Songkran, now past 2 years it moved up a month. I guess better safe than sorry, waves are here or close.

4/3/2015 – Big boss did regular Cardiologist visit at Bangkok Phuket. Great news, losing weight and obviously getting healthier, more to go, more exercise next, diet is working. Find out Toy, famous 20 year bar girl from Sunrise bar just ripped off lottery winnings from old swiss “friends” and left Patong. Stories emerge of other debt she fled on. Sign of the times as Soi Dongtan finished. Thank you K.W. Development, what a difference. Thai people going out of business, so we can build more hotels and shopping? Now they have a crane working. At least Thai Taco moving on, but other stories sad.

4/2/2015 – Big boss take driver to visit Dusit Thani where old friend was staying with family. Years back Big boss always liked this drive from Patong, Kalim, Kamala, Surin, Bang Tao, Chengterlay. It took 40 minutes and the development is rampant. So sad as coastline is world class and used to be quiet, it felt like Patong the whole way. The coastline is still gorgeous. The Laguna area is very nice. Of course overpriced compared to competition but some tourists are afraid to mingle and the resort is nice. That is if you like hanging with other over paying tourist. Hung out with friend, family swimming. No lifeguards in Phuket, try to explain that to someone who has been around the world. I said its a money thing, who is going to pay. T.I.T.

4/1/2015 – Old friend was supposed to come back Patong and Thai Taco tonight. No show? Found out his boss just got downsized, bad times in oilfields. Big boss glad he on health sabbatical as cost pressures to oilfield engineer not fun time, we have seen this cycle before. Oh well big boss talk good customers Thai Taco and honed his pool skills. Spent all day working taxes as that day coming. Fun night, although missed my friend and not good to hear losing good people in slow oilfield.

3/31/2015 – Oilfield Pal with wife and 15 yr. old son staying Dusit Thani, Bang Tao. They have lived and worked all over the world. They have been in nearby Kuala Lumpor for a few years now. They went to Phi Phi Island day trip and were not impressed. Too touristy, too many folks on boat, short snorkling time and take pictures of monkeys, whoopee, been there done that. Big boss said good to experience. Old friend said he would have paid 600 dollars just to come back early, too funny.

3/30/2015 – Back to Patong, bizz class Thai Airways, then our driver back to Ocean View pad on mountain. Unpack and prep for an old friends visit. Oilfield pal who have known for 33 years. Then another old friend Khun Ben headed back to states says he will stop by Thai Taco. All get together Thai Taco outside bar, great food, drink, conversation, special sure.

3/29/2015 – We did 1960 baht buffet lunch at JW Marriott. Very nice, funny Big boss has been going this Bangkok Soi See hood for over 20 years but this was first time at this meal. Perfect for real boss, excellent range of seafood etc. She also did her street food, squid eggs, ant eggs, river prawns, bugs, yum, yum. And shopped Nana Tai Talat. We also did a few bars and people watched, Nana, Hilary, Huntsman always very entertaining. Both of us also went to a very popular Spanky’s in Nana Plaza. Nice air conditioned serviced apt. at Omni Tower (although heavy middle east busting loose from Soi Sam and their desert). Refrigerator also good for bringing food back to Patong. Stopping over in Bangkok for weekend is definitely a good way to rehab on jet lag.

3/28/2015 – Big Boss fly bizz Thai Airways LA, Seoul, Bangkok. Stayed in Bangkok for the weekend. Had real boss come up from Phuket. Bangkok always good to visit. We did 1960 baht buffet lunch at JW Marriott. Very nice, funny have been going this Bangkok Soi See hood for over 20 years but this was first time at this meal. Perfect for real boss, excellent range of seafood etc. She also did her street food, squid eggs, ant eggs, river prawns,
3/26/2015 – Slowing in Patong, as per normal. Big Boss back Southern California, prepping for return to land of Thai Taco.

3/17/2015 – Big Boss been hanging Northern California with family and friends. Still getting healthier. One am walked beach cliffs overlooking half moon bay. Wow whales were swimming in the waves. Way cool.

3/15/2015 – Patong’s business sliding quickly. Now you can easily cross roads. Fortunately still have good Swiss Men and their Thai ladies come regularly every night. They like to sit outside at Thai Taco bar set up. Thank you very much.

3/10/2015 – Next door is an Indian restaurant, they tout in front heavily. Most customers do not like this and avoid them, surprisingly though many actually come in. Then you see the employees run to family mart next door and buy their missing supplies. Many customers do not come back to them. Although Indians do come back and frequent. Not Thai Taco’s style sure. Thai Taco has many returning customers, does not tout, has inventory and is a clean place. Interesting to see the contrast of styles and results side by side.

3/7/2015 – Real boss reports that 2 male good customers France coming everyday. Now they bring 11 friends for heading home party, thank you very much.

3/4/2015 – Buddhist holiday Macha Bucha, bars etc. close. First break for Thai Taco workers since January start up. A well deserved break. Crowds definitely subsiding. Russian went from 50% to 10%, rumor has it that it is due to their economy. Of course it also that time of year, spring time coming in Northern Lattitudes, low season close. Now heavy Chinese tourist. Although these seem to be the more hip educated wealthier types coming to Phuket. The bus loads of clueless cheap charlie chinese tourists are in Pattaya.

2/28/2015 – Switzerland good customers starting to go back. First one Feb 15th. Now another batch Feb 28th. Real boss cooked them up a nice feed, thank you very much, see you next high season. Next batch good Switzerland customers go back home early April. February was a decent month.

2/21/2015 – Old best friend and wife in Las Vegas for IBM tech convention at MGM. Big boss took them out to quality Las Vegas Steakhouse at MGM, nice set up sure.

2/20/2015 – Big Boss still hanging SW desert post superbowl. Colorado river valley having 80 deg F weather in the middle of winter, nice. Did make roadtrip to old bud in Colorado catching weather window mid winter. However as storms moved backed in, quickly retreated back to USA SW desert (new mexico, arizona, nevada). Colorado river a clear blue and a weather sanctuary for birds. Also sanctuary for elderly human snow birds from northern USA and Canada enjoying beautiful winter retreat. However these old folks (ma and pa and rv’s) not same as the old folks (man only) witnessed recently in Pattaya. No beautiful young party ladies in this snow bird locale. Although near by Las Vegas has many similarities to the Pattaya babes a world away, see 1/27 experience.

2/16/2015 – As Harrahs VIP, Big boss also eating regularly at Guy Fieri only mexican restaurant The Boracho Burro at Harrahs Laughlin, nice set up. If only Thai Taco could be that wise, his new business was packed every night. Many nice touches.

2/12/2015 – Thank you Switzerland snow bird old returning customers. Escaping the cold and enjoying the good life/value of Patong every high season. They are spreading the word about new Thai Taco. They come drink and eat and bringing there friends. Have same men drinking every evening at Thai Taco’s nice outside bar set up. Helping real boss fine tune shop. Thank you very much, Switzerland knows good value. Wow now Thai Taco has a pool table. Not Big bosses idea. Now shuffling furniture.

2/7/2015 – Still fine tuning new Bizz and additional capital expenditures. New shop sure eat money, but good for Thai economy and sure is cheaper and less red tape compared to States. Received another 120 new T-shirts from Bangkok. Honoring gov’t rules for example insurance. Thai Taco philosophy is stay high road and honor laws. The costs are nil so no reason not to. When you hear of raids/fines to shops its because the stupid owners were not honoring the laws and they should be fined. It is not corrupt govt officials, it is stupid owners not knowing rules and/or dodging costs. As the saying goes pay me now or pay me later. Much smarter to do the right thing upfront.

2/4/2015 – More returning customers finding new TT. Plenty of new customers also, business not too bad. Town is 50% russian/fsu now a days. Although rumor of economic sanctions, going to change that. Control obsessed new military gov’t clearing out old families business’s (a.k.a. mafia). Unfortunately it took away the beach services that returning customers were accustomed to. Funny to see the new scramble for shade, comfort and services.

2/1/2015 – Seattle Seahawks vs. New England Patriots Superbowl game in Arizona. Big Boss watched it VIP style Las Vegas where it is called the Big Game (welcome back to USA, land of lawyers). Game deciding interception in end zone at end of game, unforgettable.

1/29/2015 – Real Boss wants a pool table, hmmn. Also getting all approved by gov’t, signs, smoking, toilet, pharmacy, no prob.

1/27/2015 – Big Boss visit Mans world Pattaya again. Logic was lets see the bizz/demographics there as we start new Thai Taco bizz in Phuket. Heck it has been almost 10 years (2001-2006). Fond memories from those Gulf of Thailand oilfield days and crew change through Pattaya. Then became a heart patient Bangkok Pattaya hospital new years eve 2003. Pattaya so much different than Phuket. Not as scenic, and much larger. But deep down you see the good Thai’s, not the mean, black, crooked South Thais of Phuket. Prices and attitudes reflect it, great value in Pattaya. The old men know, the place is packed with old men, what a way to retire. Big boss was reminded of the great go-gos in Pattaya. In fact one dart shooter/name writer still working and remembered Big Boss and his spending, drinking, and lines. Big boss still same 10 years later, funny. Definitely a mans world.

1/25/2015 – Big Boss back to USA for Vegas Super bowl and SW USA Desert. Looking back wow we just set up a new Thai Taco this past month and a half. A good 1.5mm donation to Phuket economy. From nothing to a nice 3 story set up still near the beach. Good luck Thai Taco, now on a 3 year plan. Landowners win, dummy lessees remains to be determined, come help the cause, spread the word. Only 1-1/2 hour taxi ride to Pattaya from Suvarnabhumi Airport 1500 baht.

1/21/2015 – Yeah old returning Switzerland customers. They finding new Thai Taco and spreading the word. Sad to hear old Sunrise bar so desperate for customers that they lie to people asking where is Thai Taco. Only shooting themselves in foot as Patong not that big and new Thai Taco is just a block away. Once old customers find TT, they realize Sunrise Bar was lying to them and never go back. As real boss says, you do good you get good, you do bad, you get bad. Som Kna na as the Thai saying goes.

1/17/2015 – Ouch major electrical rewire the past few days. Good thing we have capital. The contractor who did the remodel was known for his electrical expertise? Again lost in translation, but looks like the workload and “hurried” opening time frame such that the proper work was cut short. Again no inspectors or licenses over here, TIT. Thank you UK bar for this electricians group referral. We had 4 people for 1.5 days getting the place wired safer and proper. Also added a sound system to the True Visions Platinum HD TV and WiFi internet entertainment.

1/15/2015 – Curtains in, Bar stools arrived, Signs up, True Visions TV and WiFi being installed. Steady customer base, great location, but new location. Tell your friends. Staff staying their new home, including Real boss. Big boss visiting and staying also. Headed to beach for walk and swim. Plus we drink everyday, now giving the money to ourselves vs. some other Patong crook or drunk… I mean business. Go TT!!

1/14/2015 – Walked beach counted 4 topless. Years back it used to be over 100. I will keep track for you. Hit the go gos twice this trip. I was disappointed with Suzi Wongs, Soi Sea Dragon next to Kee. Charging 180 baht for Chang beer (it costs 28 baht). The Thai girls still great, but fu.. k the owner sticking it to customers during high season. I walked out, went across the Soi, negotiated 100 baht chang with tout and went in and spent lots of money. Playskool I think. Girls not as good as Suzy Wongs but good enough. Speaking of expensive drinks, good girls. I have gone to Moulin Rouge, 300 bath drinks, and beautiful girls mostly Ukraine. This trip I also made it to L’amour the other Russian go go on on Bangla. Same 300 baht ish for Jack Daniels, met a very nice 30 year old Russian who spoke perfect english. She helping out her well endowed Romanian friend 22 years old. New they had a big daddy buying drinks. I was buying them both 700 baht drinks out of coconut shells. Good time, till my pre budgeted pocket full of baht ran out.

1/13/2015 – Wow like starting over, almost. Do have some old customers and some new, but nothing like previous years at Soi Dongtan beach bar location. Only 5 minutes around the corner, oh well, spread the word. Big boss working the websites, trip advisor, google maps, phuket gazette, etc. But again we are friends telling friends no heavy marketing ploys….as real boss says we will win, just will take time. Soi Dongtan now closed for walk to beach, now have to walk down our Sawatdirak road.

1/12/2015 – Special monk came and blessed the place completely. Very special occasion. Thanks.

1/11/2015 – TOT my favorite subject. This is the land line phone and ADSL service we have at Mountain loft. As previously reported there are high end developments in our hood. I was one of first to run my own separate line to this mountain (found and paid a TOT hand in orange truck on the side to do. We were in line with TOT, but…. frickin stupid 4 months later). Sutchart (Robert) on top had 6 lines already. Merlin and all the other hotels were not in. Anyway as hill developed, obviously TOT needed to increase infrastructure. Thai style it took forever, however reportedly a VP with Bangkok Bank made things happen. As we were in system we then had decent phone/ADSL service. However in Thai style, power bumps, storms, blown transformers, new customers, snakes, weeds, corrosion, whatever, we would lose our service. TOT has a call in service to repair. Typically it would take a week of daily calls to get repaired. My Thai wife says, and I believe Thai on Thai it will drag on forever, however if a Farang barks, they get right on it. This trip my internet was intermittent on/off and on/off and the phone was usually down. I have a smartphone from USA that I pay a plan for when I am over here. This covers me internet, email, text and phone while I put up with TOT. Anyway I was fed up and my Thai wife’s calls were not working. She said do it Farang style. So while internet was working, I got on TOT website, got it in english, reported the problem and I am sure with a little flair. 3 hours later TOT was at my building, an hour later, I had full on phone and internet. So comforting and so easy. Use the website in english to report a problem. We also greased the service hands a grand. Stay posted, but sure is nice having internet. Anyway new TT is getting True Visions TV platinum HD, a sim card for smart phone and fiber optic WiFI, fu__k TOT.

1/10/2015 – 5 minute walk to the beach, swim in the am, nice. Lots of Russians doing same, can’t blame them, cold back home and here we have clean water, warm, sun, green mountains, ahh the tropics in January.

1/9/2015 – Grand Opening. Still missing bar stools, decorations, signs, curtains, TV, internet, but the paint dry enough, refridgerators working, full of food and drink, real boss wants to open. 16:30 beginning of new era. Free food, and lots of good drinking. Good crowd, friends/locals, few american tourists, it got very loud. Big Boss sleeps TT for first time. Close out contractor, Basically a 1mm remodel and a lot not done or hurried and not done right. And this is a good contractor.

1/8/2015 – Big boss at new TT all day. Real boss buying goods Phuket. Wants to open tomorrow. More like a soft opening vs. grand opening. But again this is Thailand (TIT) and look where we were at one month ago…

1/5/2015 – Still donating to South Thai economy. i.e. remodel ongoing. Real Boss aimed for start up today as good buddha day and contractor needs to finish. Many customers in town. TT has record sales at this time years prior. Now we are dumping all the saved profits and then some back into new TT. Getting closer but lots of items still before open.

1/3/2015 – Move goods from TT bungalows Soi Dongtan to new Thai Taco. Yeah our new home. Still remodeling…..No Christmas open, no new year open, thanks K.W. Development. Speaking of such I see Soi Dongtan are getting a few renters ready to move in to their temporary 3m x 7m cinderblock stalls on the sidewalk. Sunrise bar renting 3 of them, sad to see, a skeleton of what used to be.

1/2/2015 – Happy new year. Some great usa college bowl games. Been watching on True Visions at Mountain loft. Also walking the beach. Euros are back! Yeah, Italian, Swiss, German, ahh like the ole days. However Russians still over 50% of crowd. Personally I don’t mind, as I stated previously Russian girl looks very good in bikini and they all wear bikinis. Rumors that Ruble and Russian economy problems (falling oil prices, ouch…) would stall Russian crowd, I don’t see it. Town is loaded with them, lots of families also. The guys are the stereotype blockheads and the girls know their job is to be feminine. Flowers in their hair, young thin curvy bodies, (some big mommas/grand mommas also), mostly blondes, but good looking brunettes also,taking care of babies/children, bikinis. The Euros go topless, the Russians don’t, but no problem showing thong butts.

12/31/2014 – Town is packed as normal. Not as many sailboats, still more than normal, but used to be over 100 for new years fireworks show. This year did not disappoint, basically full on fireworks from 23:45pm until 00:45am. Of course the peak at midnight was spectacular. I filmed it from our mountain loft with world class view. Contact if want to see video, the clip from 23:59 until 00:10 awesome.

12/30/2014 – Remodeling now turning Thai style. Big boss had to show up, visit with owners get things back on track. If you let it go Thai on Thai, it will just drag down. They know better and why quickly get it together when pressured by Farang, but on their own, will just make a mess of things. Just like the 2 sides of gov’t. By the way all is fine with Military in charge. Back to TT remodel, obvious still much more to do to get it right.

12/29/2014 – Walking the beach regularly, also looking around Patong measuring food and drink prices. Saw one of our beach boyz good customer Thai Taco with about 5 beach chairs (fold up) on his motorcycle. He adapting now has his own little bizz. As I have stated Thailand fun and funny.

12/28/2014 – Went to Junk Ceylon mall, place is pumping. I was wrong back in the early development days pre tsunami. I thought a mall will never pay out. Then it stalled with tsunami for a few years, proving my point. However somebody financed it and it continues to grow. I have to say it is very nice and looks like some businesses are doing well. I noticed the costs are high for Patong for food and drink establishments. But contrary to the cheap charlie at the beach, people were paying. Its still cheaper than most countries, but catching up. This is one reason why TT is popular, tasty food at inexpensive price. Many items are still less than 100 baht. 200-300 are norm for food/drink at Junk Ceylon.

12/27/2014 – Gov’t installed two umbrella and massage stations on the beach, one on each end. Immediately full. Although beach crowd also happy laying on rice mats, towels like other beaches around the world. Also some bring there own chairs, also like other beaches around the world. Under the trees have become very popular. Thai temporary venues are everywhere, had to be, too much money at stake. The sidewalks are full now.

12/25/2014 – Merry Christmas. Not for Thai Taco, hoping can open by Happy New Years? Continue the cash flow to local economy.

12/23/2014 –Continue the cash flow to local economy, i.e. full on remodel of new 3 story shop house for Thai Taco. Been walking the beach, so beautiful and entertaining and good for you. Saw local govt entourage eye’ing beach crowd. As I stated months back when Military rule cleared out old families from running beach venues, many people liked the service and the chairs and umbrellas, wait till high season. Well now its high season.

12/22/2014 – Blue point not open. Also known as Bue La Tong. One of the most special places on earth. Next to our mountain loft home in Ban Suan Kamnan. We used to hand 1999 to 2007. See 11/3 report, TT was interested in working it. Actually it is owned by Kamnan. But as previously reported 11/3 Son in Law/Kamnan daughter wanted to run it. But in typical So. Thai easy money style, work?!! We are rich because we were born in special place and sold our land. Work?!! Of course TT would have rented it and worked…. but got lost in family ownership squabble. Anyway the beautiful spot, that was very popular, is now stagnant. To add to it the Blue Point Condominiums development is out of money again. I complained in 2007, when it started ruining the hood. Now it is another concrete monument. Don’t get me going. Contact for further info.

12/21/2014 – Continue the cash flow to local economy. Start finding more problems, leaks, neighbors stealing water and electricity, poor boy rig ups, etc. See more and more folks in town, oh yeah its Christmas time. Sure don’t feel it this year as TT in a rebuild mode. Staff beginning to return to Patong. Now their bungalows will be changed to Thai Taco building.

12/19/2014 – Continue the cash flow to local economy. Basically re-doing entire building. Thai land owner seeing baht signs in his eyes, “now I can rent to Farang for big money”. TT first though. Again lesson learned from business’s through out time and reinforced with Soi Dongtan new development. Rule no. 1 own the land. However TT are not local Thai’s lucky enough to be born on Phuket, nor a greedy developer scheming other peoples money. So the model is pay rent to the land owner and make your best attempt, TT has a 3 year deal. TT has a strong customer base, was successful and its good to do something. However this model is tough for the working stiff, listen to everyone complaining trying to make a living. Patong rent has really increased over the years. So has traffic. However look at the Thais and Burmese coming over Patong Hill every am. This is where the money is compared to other locales.

12/17/2014 – Begin 24 hour remodel ops. Owner used to poor boy, said can move in now. Real boss said it correctly “this place no no pass”. What a dump. Had Indian renters alerted to move out. Also coffee shop in front also alerted to move out. TT paying for the whole show now. Quite the step up from the little Taco Stand on Soi Dongtan of years ago. Will be fine if TT gets their customer base back. Plus the drink sales are now TT, not other bars like Soi Dongtan was set up.

12/16/2014 – Walking Patong beach in am. Plenty of folks still in town, over 50% nowadays are Russian. No beach chairs/umbrellas was interesting site. People adapted well, sat under trees, some brought chairs, and some Thai’s set up new temporary venues. The jet ski crowd was still on the beach. Meet with local contractor who TT had on the hook since rig down. Begin the cash flow to local economy, paint, supplies, workers, etc.

12/15/2014 – Make agreement with land owner. Pay upfront money cash. Good luck new TT.

12/15/2014 – Big boss regular appointment with Bangkok Phuket hospital cardiologist. All ok, but time to lose weight and officially start health sabbatical. Great town to do it in, mountains, beach, food, heat, no corporate office, …..

12/12/2014 – Continue tour of Patong. Found old bar crowd at Soi Belvedere (center point on rat-u-thit, near Sai Nam Yen) and Soi Otop. Also visited Soi Post Office and Nanai options. However we found our new place, a run down 3 story shop house around the corner on Sawatdirak across from Ban Sainamyen school. Close to beach, close to old location, big and has 5 rooms. No other options available, rumor has it most of the beach (3 different blocks) is going to be torn down like Soi Dongtan. Hmmmmn.

12/12/2014 – Big boss and Real boss head to Patong in the am. Wow Soi Dongtan cleared out, only big tree where TT was at remaining. By afternoon the trackhoe took it out. Nothing sacred to these developers. They had a big marketing sign, K.W. Development are the culprits. They were looking for money for a big and little hotel. We laughed and talked with some locals walking through construction site (used to be main walkway to beach). They say hotel occupancy is 60-70% and this is high season. Yeah we need more hotels. The architect conceptual drawing on the billboard shows how out of touch they are with Patong. The drawing showed people in suits? Sorry that ain’t Patong. TT has fed the crowd since 1999, never seen a suit. The drawing also had fancy cars with Malaysian or Singaporean license plated. Good luck developers, granted it was an old soi and due for an upgrade?

12/11/2014 – Big boss flew Thai Airways bizz class again. It has been awhile. Korea air was the replacement. But now Thai Airways apologized for previous broken seat and offered fair compensation as Big boss requested. Was stamped in Bangkok Immigration, don’t have to exit until December 2015!!! Wow retirement visa nice. Still have to check in with immigration every 90 days. But it just shows all those old timers making regular visa runs to Malaysia, Burma or Cambodia don’t have money and/or have something to hide.

12/9/2014 – Big boss flanging up Ventura Beach apt. Got retirement visa at Thai Consulate Hollywood. Show them that you have money, health certificate and a clean police report. Big boss passed all of course. Headed to Thailand with March as return!!

12/2/2014 – TT Real boss back to Patong. Still canvassing and reports there are several options for new TT. Big boss also canvassing Phuket Gazette for options. Made decision wait till Big boss back to Thai Dec 11.

11/28/2014 – TT Real boss and Big boss not in Patong. In fact visiting family, Big Boss No. California and Real Boss Isarn. Staff also back to their families/villages.

11/19/2014 – Big boss enjoyed quiet Lake Tahoe. Still blue skies and 60 deg F. and snow has not hit yet. Summer crowds gone, ski/snow crowds not in town yet. Big boss convalescing, great to be away from oilfield load/stress. Sat on beach in Zepher cove, no people, then a jogger, then a dog walker. Million dollar homes on the hill. Special. Then a duck flies in, lands on lake, quickly waddles up to Big boss in chair on the beach. Duck thought he was going to be fed, was spoiled by summer crowds who are now gone.

11/14/2014 – Real boss canvassing Patong for next TT location. Have nice new rental in Soi 8 Nanai, but small and away from the action that THAI TACO was accustomed to at the beach. Holding it for an option, but not moving in. Keeping TT goods at TT’s 2 bungalows and at friends mountain land.

11/14/2014 – Holiday for TT folks. Damn it, business was doing so well. Oh well we knew it was coming. Rule no. 1 own the land. Big Boss holidaying in Lake Tahoe, Real Boss prepping to visit Rice country (Isarn family and garden property STT – Suan Thai Taco). Currently enjoying beautiful Phuket and don’t have to work every day like with TT.

11/13/2014 – Big boss finishes oilfield work. Time to go on health sabbatical and smell the roses. (jasmine in thai)

11/11/2014 – Cling on bars at Soi Dongtan have leases good for another month or two. As previously noted they were offered a fair buy out. Sad but real, it is over. The developers want all out, simple. New developers are offering short term rentals on the street, while they “develop” behind. 3m x 7m for 60,000 a month, good luck.

11/10/2014 – TT out just in time due to locals communicating ahead of time, yeah. Here comes the heavy equipment, trucks, noise, dust… The cling on bars are open, but actually closed just sitting in the cloud of dust with a Trackhoe hovering next to them.

11/9/2014 – RDMO TT. That’s oilfield for rig down move out.

11/8/2014 – Local Thai’s tell real boss Thai Taco get out before the 10th.

11/6/2014 – Loy Kratong holiday, such a beautiful special holiday. Offering of flowers and a new beginning to the water. But no celebrating this year for Soi Dongtan, thanks developers. Souvenir shops already closed. Some bars know better, some still clinging on.

11/4/2014 – Big Boss sisters birthday actually the 2nd. Texted her from St. Johns. She in Charleston, South Carolina.

11/3/2014 – Our Ban Suan Kamnan rental option cancelled as son in law wants it for himself. Kamnan/wife angry as son in law/daughter did not communicate this ahead of time. You see this a lot in Thailand, poor upfront communication between Thais, then crisis, and lots of yelling when reality sinks in. Instead of just communicating ahead time.

11/2/2014 – UK Bar throw going away party. It’s sinking in, an end of an era. Whats next? Lots of stress. Of course Thai Taco back to high season records sales currently. Thanks new developers.

10/29/2014 – Big group meeting in Chalong with new developers PR rep – Adun and all Soi Dongtan bar business’s. He just did one with T-shirt/Souvenir group, they are gone. Adun told whole bar group from his observations Thai Taco business in Sunrise Bar was the smartest successful set up of the area. Then he offered to give everybody free November Rent and get a payout and its over. Smooth/slick business move.

10/18/2014 – Mr. John Switzerland back. He computer man in banking business, works SE asia and Swiss. Good man, all the girls Soi Dongtan like him. He hangs here several times a year.

10/16/2014 – Thai Taco shopping for new home, and/or where to put rigged down shop. Rented a nice new place Nanai Soi 8, fair price between JunkCeylon and Nanai. Also talking Kamnan for possible Blue point rental.

10/15/2014 – Big boss been hanging Southern California as noted below, and then did Nevada desert. Laughlin region and Vegas. Getting last of summer as will be going back to St. John’s Newfoundland for one more hitch. Vegas pools saying will close Nov. 2 as summer is ending. Of course already fall in Canada.

10/13/2014 -Now Thai Developers report all out by Nov 30th.
Of course Thai Taco business already increasing, sign of high season coming.

10/8/2014 – New developers met with Thai Taco. Said all will be out by end of December and group meeting forthcoming. Real boss liked the new developers representative, Adun (sp) is his name. Also the developers hiring Soi Dongtan local Thai men who Thai Taco has great relationship with over the years. Thai Taco knows its the end and working with new show for exit, however same can not be said for the Soi Dongtan bars. Thai Taco shopping for new home. Lost in translation for what new Soi Dongtan will be.

10/3/2014 – Big rain Phuket. Our personal loft apartment on top of hill Ban Suan Kamnan lost internet and telephone. Of course this is a regular occurrence. Coincidentally same day on other side of world Big Boss organized another Univ of Southern Calif reunion. This time we old petroleum buds, stayed downtown Los Angeles – LA Live, nice set up to enjoy big LA events. Another great USC football game at LA Coliseum. By the way it was 97 deg F. Summer still on in Southern California.

10/2/2014 – Another very busy day for Thai Taco. Real boss reports lots of Russians. Their internal word of mouth telling each other Thai Taco is a great feed, inexpensive price. Real boss reports the Russians love the fried Shrimp. Actually who doesn’t, fresh and cooked just right.

9/29/2014 – Already clearing out the accumulated crap in the back of Soi Dongtan.

9/27/2014 – Grand Finals Aussie Football. Always a very busy fun day at Thai Taco. Coincidentally big boss on other side of world doing a Univ. of Southern Calif. reunion, rented a Hermosa Beach pad right on strand and attended football game at Los Angeles Colisieum with ole buds. Great fun sure.

9/21/2014 – Soi Dongtan business’s were officially notified new developer will be running everybody out by end of year. Of course lots of stress. Granted Soi Dongtan was old Thai beer bar style and due to be upgraded. Kind of too bad for Thai Taco as it’s food business doing very well and still growing. Been successful for over 10 years, Thank you developers for bringing an end to that era.

9/17/2014 – Big boss wire big money to Thailand. Prep for retirement visa and other.

9/6/2014 – Been pretty slow, low season and some rain. Had a good Aussie Football weekend.

8/23/2014 – Aussie Football, good business for Thai Taco and Sunrise Bar. (Sunrise is Australian owned). Same Sailor bar next door. Again Thai Taco and Aussies is a great fit.

8/21/2014 – Off season crowd is heavy asian, middle east, indian. Lots of cheap charlie and tours and clueless. Of course we got the Auzzies keeping Patong fun. Noticed the Russian crowd was way down, figured it was the season but local told me its due to Ukraine/Russia war tensions, thats effecting Russian travelers. That right there are embargos etc against Russia by the world, I guess they can’t visit Thailand, the count way down. Frank was just back, he is our retired Swiss truck drive, who fits in Patong perfectly. Good customer sunrise bar and thai taco. Actually we have lots of swiss during high season, but a few regulars who make it back to Patong during low season. Good guys and good customers. Big boss back to St. Johns and real boss holding down fort at Thai Taco. Looking forward to Suan Thai Taco garden property development, working with architect starting.

8/14/2014 – Currently writing this from Korea Air lounge Seoul. Big boss back to No. America, Real boss back to running Thai Taco. Great journey together this past few months. (Rome, Venice, Santorini, Mykonos, Milan, Lake Coumo, Ventura, So. California, St. Johns, Newfoundland, Lake Conroe and Dallas, Texas, New Orleans and Shreveport Louisiana, Phuket, Thai Taco, Bangkok Nana Soi 4, Isarn farm. Big boss plans on taking a health break from corporate world and working some retirement/life issues in Thailand come late November. But for now plenty of fun back in No. America.

8/11/2014 – Back from weekend on the Isarn farm. Caught like 15 fish from the pond. Catfish, Tilipia and 2 other local types. Pla Duk, Pla Nin, Pla Tong and Pla Ma, excuse the spelling. Windmill kicked in with breezy day, great to see the water tank system overflow to the pond. Making some measurement, having grand farang plans for quality building, now how do you that in Thai.. stay posted.

8/8/2014 – Big Boss and Real boss made quick holiday to Bangkok Soi 4 and then brother drove us to Isarn farm. Visited with Architect at JW Mariott lounge planning Suan Thai Taco building. Hit Soi 4 Hilary Beer Bar, saw one senior gal there who we knew from the Patong circuit. Its a small world for the Thai Farang party scene. (Soi 4, Walking Street, Soi Bangla). Big boss got to hit Nana plaza late night, Spankys and Angel Witch still doing their fun thing.

8/7/2014 – Wow first hand few of new cleaned up beach. Very scenic, can imagine before the tourists came. However people like to sit Patong beach and be serviced. Plastic Chairs and Ice chests drinks for sale are starting to pop in the trees. Jets Skis and para sailing back in action. It is dangerous out there this time of year weather wise, let alone crash risks with Asian “driving mode”. As I have said this time of year beach rough and crowds relatively down, so beach clean out easier to do, but something will have to give by high season. General happiness with Military regime, pubic so sick of the politicians, the Military is trying to clean up Thailand beauty and business wise, good luck.

8/4/2014 – Got to love Korea Air. Flew Dallas Fort Worth, Seoul, Phuket, back to the land of Thai Taco – yeah what a good trip and great to be back in party town Patong.

8/2/2014 – Ending annual low season holiday for Big Boss. After excellent New Orleans visit, drove to Shreveport/Bossier city, big summer rainstorm, no wonder so green, cooled off the heat. We stayed at Jimmy Buffets Margarita Ville Casino Resort. Rented a 700 dollar 180 plus degree suite celebrating New Orleans take. Nice setting, of course did not win downstairs, but had 2 good buffet feeds downstairs. Real boss happy happy happy when can pick her food vs. having to order, wait and act like Madame.

8/1/2014 – Thai Taco and Patong hanging in there. Some “old customers” Auzzies, returned and had a wedding celebration. Good folks and Thai Taco business had some days like high season, and this without bosses.

7/31/2014 – Rented car and drove down to New Orleans, one of Big Boss favorite places in the world. Unfortunately Thai Taco low season boss holiday puts Texas/Louisiana visits right in the middle of 90 90 heat, i.e. temp and humidity, ouch painful. Although Thai can be just as hot. So real boss does not visit down there too often, in lieu of other fun spots in No. America summer. However as noted below we love Texas and we love Louisiana. Real Boss loves the New Orleans seafood, craw fish, oysters, mussels, shrimp, catfish and anything similar. We stay Harrahs VIP, upper floor view of the mighty Mississippi river, river walk, the french quarter and Casino and Buffet action, all within walking distance. Nice, then to add to it Big Boss won real big like last July in Vegas (one of those days, won on everything).

7/27/2014 – Went on days off and we headed to Lake Conroe, Texas and then New Orleans. Lake Conroe was to see old friends and Big Boss renewed Texas Drivers License. This great state is pro-business and no state income tax and good folks. Good Chance a Thai Taco will be opened there some day.

7/23/2014 – Well the “annual” one month holiday in St. Johns, Newfoundland, Atlantic Canada for Thai Taco real boss is ending. Big boss working Oilfield Well Work Planning. But Thai Taco real boss gets to sleep in, walk around downtown, shop/cook/eat what she wants. Watch movies and Andrew Zimmern Travel Channel. Then evening goes for some adventure downtown St. Johns with Big Boss. Typically drink and eat related. Also the 2.5 max bet slot machines games are played. We actually win a lot as we are not afraid to lose, so that bankroll capability sees the machines run their cycle. Most locals would run out of money and then miss the rebound, the rebound is nice. Life Good, Happy, Happy, Happy.

7/14/2014 -Thai Taco slow, but Auzzie time and returning “old customers” keep it steady. Again good time for real boss to take a break, the girls seem to be handling it fine with out her and it is slower. Still makes money, so that’s a win win.

7/14/2014 – Thai Taco Patong reports all are adapting to clean beach. Clean as in no beach chairs and the local businesses (food, drink, massage, hair, rentals, tour, etc.) have been removed. This clean up is easy in low season as beach is rough and crowds are down. However they will be back by November December, too much revenue on the table. Plus most tourists like the chairs and service. But it sure is cleaner and fresher with them gone. The beach boyz out of work is a bummer, they work hard, but the military clean up move is after there bosses.

7/4/2014 – Been back in St. Johns for a week or so. How many Thai’s vacation St. Johns every summer? We do, all locals remember Thai Taco Boss back in town. Fish shop loves her, Chinese shop loves her. She only knows St. Johns in the summer and that is a special time. How about that lobster season, price gets down to 5-7 dollars a pound. ” I eat lobster every day”. Canada day and happy Bday USA this week, its summer in No. America!!

6/27/2014 – Reports back from Thai Taco Patong, slow as low season. Military is clearing out “old style” businesses, (beach and taxi set ups) aka mafia. Public is cheering them on. A govt regime that is doing something. Real boss loves Andrew Z. with Bizzare Foods on the Travel Channel. I must admit he is entertaining. Good to keep her happy and its all about food. I don’t think it is on our Thai cable set up? Need to look into that.

6/23/2014 -Speaking of Ventura Beach life, back at the pad across from San Buenaventura state beach. Coming on 24 years now. Upgraded from 2000 era TV to a 50 inch HD TV and high def cable box, nice. Some great cooking/eating from the Calif Kitchen. Add a few Heinekens for Real Boss, typically Coors Light, etc. for Big Boss. Life is good. Also drive up to Chumash and lovely California Coast drive to complement trip. Prepping for travel to St. Johns Work, summer time perfect. Then Texas and New Orleans, then back to Thai via Korea Air Dallas. So for Real boss, a quick visit for California Kitchen, see California next year.

6/19/2014 – Wow Big Boss and Real Boss enjoying Italy and Greek Isle holidays. Rome is a special historic city, Venice a very special and unique place but sure is touristy and expensive, NCL Jade cruise and Greek Isles special, don’t like 3000 people, but you can find your style among’st it all. Santorini on the cliffs breathtaking, Mykonos looks like a party town but an atm ate my credit/debit card, so I was not impressed with the “old” country as my bank did not have a hold on it. Smart I had other options for coin. Milan – its all about the Duomo and Lake Como. The fashion and business overhead sure made some great people watching. Lake Como special place on earth sure. So have to say Santorini and Lake Como were the highlights. Ate some great food, learned Euro cultures, appreciated the history of region, but just reinforced our Thai Taco life is the best fun and value, especially when complemented with Ventura beach life and St. Johns professional life.

6/14/2014 – Check back in with Thai Taco, its quiet they say.

6/3/2014 – Here we go, off to Bangkok, Rome, Venice, Greek Isles, Milan and Rome. Thai Taco open with still same fun and good value food. It is just quieter as it is low season.

6/2/2014 – Curfew officially lifted for Patong, Koh Samui and ? There is just too much revenue at that time of night, so knew that would not last. They had a protest scheduled, even though that is against the law, but the curfew was listed prior, everyone knew that was the right thing for our touristy party town, who could care less about power struggles.

5/29/2014 – Noticed Soi Bangla still packed at 23:45pm. Real boss says it closes in 15 minutes hard to believe, I knew curfew would not work in our Party Town. Anyway last of rugby now gone. They were here for a good week, helped Thai Taco to a record May. Definitely can see low season has begun. Can’t really blame the gov’t situation for slower business in Phuket (however they are really hurting Bangkok), its just the beginning of low season, hence why Big Boss back to pick up Real boss and take a summer vacation. She deserves it, working every day in Patong wears on you, even though beautiful, fun, exciting town. The range of cheap charlies, selfish, clueless people who all have to eat gets tough babysitting day in and day out. Thai Taco successful but not with out its challenges. Time for holiday, the girls will run it while we are gone, same every June to August.

5/28/2014 – Big boss back via Korea Air from Chicago to Seoul to Phuket. Bypass any Bangkok nonsense and power play Thai Airways. On April return flight, their business class seat did not recline for 17 hour flight and I wanted to be fairly compensated. They gave me a 160 dollar value Bluetooth speakers from duty free on board, thanks. Then after me writing strong letters, noting I was not getting fair value, they offered me some token mileage. This did not fly with the big boss, I am requesting a free upgrade from coach to business, more commensurate with a seat that does not move. Welcome to Korea air, even joined their frequent flyer program and they leave USA from other locales besides LA. Have done Dallas and Chicago to Seoul to Phuket, not bad, in fact very good service. Even flew my first Airbus 380 with them.

5/24/2014 – The TV stations returned pretty quickly and basically the curfew was a joke to Patong. And this is rugby time, welcome back Morrabin Rams and the bulldogs. They happy happy happy to play their annual rugby tournament and eat/party in Soi Dongtan. Its like the 10th visit in a row from the boyz from Melbourne. They started hanging Sunrise bar because the bar could quickly accommodate the 20-40 boyz and their famous meetings each evening. Over the years they realized Thai Taco is a great inexpensive feed. Everybody pretty much honored the curfew, maybe stretching it to midnight with the lights out.

5/20/2014 – Thai Gov’t going downhill, Bangkok elite minority, but powerful basically brought town democracy as democracy was prepping to bring back Khun Taksin. Both claimed fraud and corrupt and basically both sides are, it was getting worse, fortunately Military stepped in for like the 14th time in past 100 years and set up martial law and started to bring both sides in line. Did shut down television and made a 10pm curfew, just to send a message.

5/19/2014 – Fortunately Thai Taco has enough employees and I knew better dealing with govt’s, so real boss was prepared to go to Isarn to our farm and her family while waiting for Canadian Visa to get their act together. Sure enough back to Bangkok and finally pick up Canadian visa 5 days later. Isarn farm doing good, windmill, water, pond, last avocado 15 ft. high.

5/14/2014 – Real boss breaks from Thai Taco, got a previous employee back to cover for upcoming annual boss holiday. Thai Taco showing signs of low season sure, but still plenty of action and having enough good employees ready to cover is the key. Real boss picks up Italian visa and got fingerprints. Now good for entry into most of EU (all?) with Shengen treaty letter and current countries multiple entry visa. Now was Canada’s turn to be inefficient. It used to be 5 bizz days and would get Visa. Now they went online and reported average is 13 days. Anyway Real Boss had to visit Canada visa office in person to get stamp. But got a come back afternoon was the answer. Then come back afternoon and was told to come back in 5 days. Again we don’t live in Bangkok. So the online process really did not improve efficiencies, we still are at 5 days like last year. Difference here is we went thru a cumbersome must be perfect online process for 15 days, 6 days prep, 9 days waiting on decision.

5/7/2014 – Yeah notifications that both Visas are approved. However we live in Phuket, and here is another trip to Bangkok. The Canadian visa was online and was notified to go to Bangkok office now for chop, made sense. The Italian Visa said pick up your passport, a decision has been made.

5/1/2014 Big boss back to St. Johns for offshore subsea well engineering work. Temperature was in the 90’s F in Thailand, 80’s F in So. California as Santa Anas blew in, but good ole St. Johns was hovering around freezing. The snow was gone but trees, flower flora etc. now ready to blossom quite yet. Thai Taco matched last years record April sales. I mean within 700 baht over an entire month. The girls working pretty much at full capacity.

4/28/2014 – Yeah two visa applications in. Big boss already back to California for St. Johns work prep. Real boss had to go back to Phuket, get a signed piece of paper from one of her banks. Then back to Bangkok with application because that’s what the admin clerk wanted. Oh by the way that Bank is in Bangkok, but that branch could not properly handle? “It’s the law was the reasoning”. Hence another example of why Thailand will remain in 3rd world.

4/24/2014 – Big Boss and Real Boss still in Bangkok. Like 3rd visit already to Thai Italy Visa application center. What a bunch of gov’t admin nonsense. It does not matter about logic, right or wrong, efficiency, etc. just fill out like admin clerk wants, period. The Canadian online process sounded good, but true to gov’t form very cumbersome. High end engineer grinding through it on days off.

4/22/2014 – Big Boss and Real Boss up to Bangkok for visa work for upcoming summer holidays. American passport no problem, but Thai passport you have to fill out lots of gov’t paperwork. Found out Italy and Greece and other EU Thais only need one visa if you get fingerprints done on the first country application. So went to visa app center for Italy in Bangkok at Silom center. Found out Canada now does visas online. This probably due to the Lumpini camp outs/protests and traffic problems when the paid flunkies hit the street for the Bangkok Elite. A minority I might add.

4/18/2014 Whew! The crowds are going back home. Thai Taco continued record sales. Christmas/New Years week and Songkran week are always the busiest of the year. In fact we have the problem of too many customers. Its a small shop, but its location, and reputation as great food – inexpensive price brings in lots of customers, old and new. You can see why popular eateries make reservations. Thai Taco does not and serves in the order taken. (first come first served). Thai Taco started in 1999, as one of my buddies said years ago, “Its a glorified lemonade stand”. Now as it has been remodeled a few times and has been moved inside Sunrise Bar, it has taken the shape of a restaurant. However it is still a small “hole in the wall”. When multiple groups come in at the same time (the girls have learned the restaurant term – rush) it gets chaotic. The girls have learned to tell the customers how long the wait is upfront. People still come in, even when told it is an 1-1/2 hour wait! Quite frankly they need to say no more orders when the wait reaches an hour.

4/14/2014 – Big Bike week was 11th – 14th this year. Loma park had the music and shop venues. Plenty of choppers, harleys and other unique bikes, cruising around town. Plenty of black clothing and long haired, facial hair, Thai and Farang alike. Seems silly to mix it with throwing water but it does co-exist. Like I say this party town is fun and funny.

4/13/2014 – Where can you see fireworks on a daily basis. Patong. Like my buddy vacationing with his family said years ago from my balcony overlooking all of Patong Bay, “this is better than disney land”. Of course that was the classic huge new years eve show, but you will see all sorts year round. As this is Buddhist new years time and Big Bike Week, plenty of fireworks.

4/12/2014 – Songkran is here! One of the special days of the year for me. Up there with Superbowl Sunday, Your Birthday, Christmas and New Years. Looking back it has been 3 years since my last Songkran (New Orleans and Oilfield instead). As noted in 2010 and 2011 below and on the Songkran page of this website this event is enlightening. The human nature reaction and behavior is wonderful to view. Basically you see all walks of life happy, smiling and laughing, not a bad thing, in fact a beautiful thing. There must be good marketing down in Oz as lots of Australian folks were in town. Perfect fit for these real, fun loving types. The Thais plus the Auzzies = one great water festival. (as opposed to russians and the middle east who don’t know how to have a good time). However every nationality learns getting splashed and then buying a water instrument and splashing someone else is addicting, smiles all around. Again I highly recommend it, good for the soul.

4/11/2014 -The Russian count is down, actually being displaced by the good ‘ole Auzzies. Another sign here comes low season for Phuket. (fall/winter coming to Southern Hemisphere. so Nz., Aus, So. Africa headed to Phuket). As previously noted crossing the roads in Patong is just wrong. Locals have now built solid chrome fencing keeping the sidewalk traffic from the road traffic. The openings are where you cross. They even put up traffic lights, although in true Thai fashion they were not working. Sailor bar, next to Thai Taco had a bunch of young Auzzies males, drinking beer since lunch, by sunset they then started hanging sidewalk and the new fences became a fun transition zone. It started innocently enough, but as pretty girls went by on the road, soon cheering the passer by’s began. As the 1700 pm beach traffic began to log jam, the shirtless, healthy, happy boyz began high five’ ing the passer by’s. I was amazed how many smiled and reciprocated, tourists, tuk tuk drivers, construction work trucks, motorbikes. Again Patong is a party town, fun and funny. Of course the boyz then needed to eat, nothing better than munching food from Thai Taco after a good day of drinking beer.

4/10/2014 – Going from deep No. American Canadian winter to the tropical heat of Phuket is always enlightening. The temperature is the obvious difference, but it goes a lot deeper than that. 1st world to 3rd world. East meets west. Capitalism to Buddhism. But as the local T-shirt states, “same same but different”, you see a lot of commonality. Basically we are all the same deep down, just influenced, groomed by the local environment we were raised in. I have been doing this transition regularly for over 20 years, (now over 100 globe trots) but each time it gets my mind flowing. I highly recommend it.

4/9/2014 – Big boss back in Land of Thai Taco. Man its hot. The floating pier in front of Seaview Hotel at the South of Patong Beach has been pulled. That means no more cruise ships until November’ ish. It also means waves are picking up and the unofficial end to high season. A few weeks earlier this year. Noticed locals added a 24 hr family mart to our Ban Suan Kamnan hood on top of hill South Patong Bay. Now there are 2! I remember when it used to be a dirt road into the hills south of Patong. The growth pressures are here but still remote/exclusive, compared to the rest of the island growth.

3/31/2014 – Elections (they close bars) and Spring time in Northern Latitudes (snowbirds going home) = drop in sales at Thai Taco last 10 days of March. One heck of a winter in North America. Big Boss worked everyday 2 months straight in deep throws of snow, ice, wind, sub freezing Atlantic Canada. Good project, good folks, easy to survive winter, working/living in downtown St. Johns, Newfoundland. Looking forward to the tropical retreat, which actually is a common theme at end of winter in St. Johns. However Canadians make there way to Florida or Caribbean. But big boss has his Phuket life, talk about two ends of the rainbow.

3/4/2014 -High season over the holidays gets the educated worker on vacation. These folks are more internet orientated so trip advisor etc. social media internet reviews pick up. Actually its nice to see real locals who are not consumed with electronic devices and voicing their opinions accordingly. The people in Phuket non peak holiday are really enjoying life. The others are just part of rat race, not necessarily their fault, just products of their environments. Anyway you can see it on internet traffic about Thai Taco Patong etc. Shop busy as heck but talking about internet quite frankly is disconnected, more of what type of person is in town.

3/2/2014 – Real boss can not hang cold. However Thai Taco is so busy, her life is consumed with work. I think it is interesting how close the sales numbers are to other previous “max” periods. I mean with in 20 dollars for a month. So basically Thai Taco is still maxed out for high season. Now putting up with the range of customers is a challenge. Just starting to see the winter snow bird crowd go home. Sales have started to drop, but again matching previous busy trends. Just not crazy busy of holidays and high season.

2/28/2014 – Entered the deep throws of winter. 60-100 mph winds, -15 C cold, snows accumulating in 10′ piles in town, etc. Chilly burgers. You learn to dress, stay in doors and talk about the weather. As big boss was on a planning job, no worries inside all day and all night. Taxi rides and eating downtown all manageable. Just makes you appreciate living in Phuket. Not only the entertainment and beauty but the healthiness of warm weather. You exercise, sweat, eat vegetables and fruit, get sun tanned and it such an easier life. The snow is scenic, romantic, post card and reminded big boss of the days he worked outside as a young man on rigs in Rockies.

1/29/2014 – Wow 3 weeks have passed. Big boss had to head back to No. America to be closer to be ready for going to a project in Canada. Having just lived in beautiful warm Phuket, entering back to No. American winter would be a journey. So. Cal and Vegas were special desert hangouts avoiding the inevitable winter of Canada.

1/4/2014 – First rain and thunder clouds I have seen in month. Very hot and produced a little moisture, enough to cool off for a couple of hours and water the green flora. See some folks headed back already, talk about following the crowds. Nothing like rushing to a packed holiday resort and joining the crowds then rushing back to work/school and continue joining the crowds. Thai Taco continued record sales, plenty of clueless visitors also, makes us appreciate all our good customers.

1/2/2014 – Sure has been windy the past few weeks. Although there is plenty of Sun an temps in mid to high 80’s F. The wind is nasty but nothing like wind swept deserts of the Middle East per recent conversations with American worker customers holidaying from Abu Dhabi. And for sure not the ice and snow of the northern latitudes. Speaking of escaping the cold, noticed a lot more Europeans and Scandinavians and others (Asian, Oz, No. America) in town. The Scandinavian count really has dropped in Patong over the years. The Russian count is still the highest. I say Russian, but I went to one of their go-go’s on Bangla for the first time the other night. Lots of girls from Ukraine, Latvia, et.al. i.e. Russian and the FSU. Still easier to group them all as Russians. They dominate town and like I said before, many don’t speak Thai or English and just don’t know how to deal with other people. However plenty of “good” Russian visitors also. In regard to the Moulin Rouge go-go, I highly recommend. Minimum drink prices were 280 baht vs. 99 baht at the Thai clubs. Well worth it. Plenty of Thai’s working there as support staff, they quickly learned to get their hand out and where’s my tip as they witnessed the pretty white dancers do.

12/31/2013 – Town is just packed, I mean packed. The fireworks at midnight and the lantern release was again just spectacular. As my buddy said from our balcony overlooking Patong Bay years ago, this is better than Disneyland!! Our location next to China manufactures and the reduced regulation, fireworks abound, it is quite special. Counted over 100 sail/pleasure boats and 4 cruise ships witnessing the party. Happy New Year 2014, the year 2557 in Thailand.

12/25/2013 – Merry Christmas. Obviously this is a Christian holiday, celebrating the birth of Christ. Somehow this turned commercial and it turned into gift giving, especially for the joy of Children. Thailand which is not Christian, but just enjoys a good time, picked up on it. Visiting farang comes here to take a break from work and escape the cold and is very happy. St. Nick and his gift giving around the world jaunt wore a red/white coat and matching “Santa” hat. Somehow that got translated that in our party town of Patong you buy a Santa Cap from the plentiful local vendors and wear this. Many have battery power lights and/or decorations on it. Our packed Party Town now has evolved that the color red is Christmas time. Everybody wears red, both hats and/or clothing. The girls in typical Thai style are wearing red mini skirts and/or tight red outfits. Good for looking. Usually ending up with a drunk happy farang male by her side by nights end. Its quite a fun and funny site. Merry Christmas from Thai Taco.

12/21/2013 – Good crowds. Had customers from USA (Cal Poly SLO and Ohio State) yearning for good Mexican food. They told us they found Thai Taco recommended at Trip Advisor website. Looked it up, whoa, some right on reviews. Look at this TripAdvisors Reviews link.

12/18/2013 – Sure notice a ridiculous number of electronic hand held devices nowadays. The Chinese were always the greatest number of picture takers. Now phones, smartphones, tablets, video, camera and combo’s there of are everywhere. I know its a worldwide phenomena, but whatever the latest is can also be seen on Patong Beach. As one of my old buddies who I recently visited in San Francisco said we love it!! He is a VIP VP in the storage and server business, the more data the more his business grows.

12/15/2013 – Official opening day for Patong Carnival. The stunt pilot did his thing, including smoke trails from 1600-1700pm. Parade passes Thai Taco 18:15 all the way to 21:00 pm. The first one hour was steady, the last was on/off and really too far spaced out. Always a good show, especially with the “showy” gay element spread through out the parade. Some neat traditional costumes, stereo tricked out vehicles, musical bands, children and more. Wow the parades go into the night now. Quite the traffic sight afterwords. i.e. packed 5 wide!!  It definitely a party town, lots of fun had.

12/14/2013 - Walked Patong Beach today in the day time. i.e. strong sun.  Been walking in the am with the healthy folks and when its cooler, i.e 80 degs F.  Anyway Patong beach is currently loaded with Russians again, maybe ~60% of the crowd.  A lot of the gals are blond and curvy and white and good for looking. Granted there are plenty of well rounded ones also. Of course plenty of Russian men and babies also.  As one of my buddies said “ain’t gonna fly no ugly girl half way around the world”,  i.e. who do you think is paying for the vacation.  Counted only 4 topless today, but the beach is very busy. Fun times in Phuket.  The annual beach carnival is getting set up, same stalls everywhere, same massage stations,  same junk for sale, same muslim/south food and the flies, basically all looking for their piece of farang money. High season is officially open and the rain has stopped.

12/12/2013 -  Residence in Jungle on Mountain overlooking bay is so nice. Nice in that it is quiet, clean, green flora everywhere, birds, internet (thai style i.e. its on I mean off, I mean on again, nope off) and True Vision television with plenty of entertainment choices including great American Football and Basketball coverage. This mountain retreat is so different than the overdeveloped, mismanaged,  polluted, smelly, greedy, horny, stupid show just minutes below, i.e. Patong Beach. But Thai Taco is down in the middle of that fray as that is where the people are.  Sitting, Eating, Drinking at Thai Taco is a refreshing break and why many people visit. Can’t go wrong with inexpensive, tasty, clean food setting.

12/10/2013 – Looks like St. Johns, NL, Canada wins the services of Big Boss again. Planning for January 20th start.

12/9/2013 – Phuket packed, big boss back to party town.

12/8/2013 – Big Boss back to Bangkok.  Still entertaining/negotiating who get his service next. Time to hang out in Thailand. Getting freezes back in Northern Lattitudes, its that time.  Bangkok Taxi driver tells story that tomorrow no. 9 is going to be a traffic mess with minority and their paid flunkies taking to the streets.  Great to be escaping to Phuket. Bangkok will be crippled with this power struggle. Taxi driver also tells an amazing story  of police actually running a certain illegal trade during previous regime.

12/5/2013 - Happy Birthday King. Too bad some of your people make a mess of politics.  The rich and powerful are used to getting their way. However in a democracy the side that has the higher percent wins.  Granted the minority  “Bangkok Elite” sure can make a mess of Bangkok.

11/30/2013 - Another record setting month for Thai Taco sales.  Shows that good wins out.

11/13/2013 – Still plenty of rain, whoa the Philippines got slammed last week with 200+ km/hr winds. Ouch. Big boss finishing project in St. Johns. Plenty of other choices, spending time shopping around and prepare for end of year hanging out in Phuket.

10/10/2013 – Walked the past two days as the sun back out and the rain subsided. Gorgeous vistas.  Ouch (or yeah) the sun is back out and time to exercise and sweat.  The beach walk again showed the clientele in town.  Russians, Middle East, China the new tourist demographic sure.  A few good auzzies around and a smattering of others.  Plenty of folks in town and again fun and party is the name of the game.  Para-sailing in the rough water is entertaining.  Saw a couple of topless, actually saw lots of things on this multicultural party beach.  Was not impressed with beach road traffic at the 1700 to sunset rush hour. No traffic lights or cross walks, crazy. I am surprised you don’t see or hear of pedestrians getting hit. Again this is low season?! Wait till January.

10/8/2013 – Rainy season. Patong streets flooded.  Have to say normal, but actually getting worse. This due to the continued ‘I’m going to make money developing” and the related endless pouring of concrete, replacing soil for absorption. Add that to now more and more Thais have money hence motorbikes are being replaced by trucks/cars and you have a traffic mess. And this is low season. Although as I have said rainy season is cooler and greener. Temp was comfortably 26 C at our residence,  did not even need air conditioner or break into sweat the past few days. The green of the tropical jungle against the ocean, still world class spectacular and continuing to turn record numbers at the airport turnstiles.

10/4/2013 - Big Boss back to Patong.  Took Korea Air this time due to New Orleans and Toronto business connections.  Usually take Thai Air only out of Los Angeles (ROP Gold member).  I must say Korea Air very nice.  Had a direct from Seoul to Phuket. Arrive Patong airport near midnight, the place was packed. Taxied home, whoa Rat-u-thit and Soi Bangla packed.

9/24/2013 – Low Season slow, time to visit Isarn family and farm as it will only get busier and will not have time high season.  Now rain mud flooding Isarn. At least drought is over with. Canal, pond etc. full already… Tough country sure.

8/17/2013 – Real Boss just back from annual North America holiday.  Spent 3rd summer in St. Johns, Newfoundland. Lobster and tuna sashimi from local mom and pop fish market, beers at Captains Quarters and lunches with Big Boss at Atlantic Place.  Also did Ventura Beach, California, Vegas,  Tahoe, So. Utah Alphafa Hay farm,  Denver.  Low season in Patong, but Thai Taco continued record sales. WOW very busy in July!! This even with bosses gone.

6/17/2013 – Big Boss and Real Boss visit Isarn.  Baby and husband building shop house, did the monk blessing thing.  Farm and Canal sure felt the drought this year, still had water in deep portion of pond, but loss some vegatation, especially the hedge and more avocado trees. Tough country sure.  Begin our low season annual holiday.

6/15/2013 – Thailand will remain 3rd world. The heat, rain, electric/communications wires/infrastructure, boom, blowing transformers every day.  Power goes off everyday.  Internet, phone lines, electric on/off daily, crazy.  If you are wound up tight, not the place for you.  Like I say Thailand will remain 3rd world.

6/14/2013 -  Rainy season. Every day. Cooler, quieter, cleaner, greener, cheaper/less hustle.  Still plenty of car traffic as Thais upgrade to cars from motorbikes. I was told it was a tax thing and they have made it very affordable.  Still plenty of tourists around.  Looks like heavy visitors from India now a days.  Auzzies, a few left over euros, and RIC, Russian, India, China. Beach visitors but not sunbathing as rainy cloudy.

6/8/2013 - Back to Phuket, land of Thai Taco. Airplane was full. Town still plenty of folks, lots of folks on Patong beach today. Blue skies and sunny days does it. Makes low season special secret.  BRIC (minus the Brazilian peice in full swing). Unfortunately the Russians, Indians and Chinese not very seasoned with respect to dealing with others.  But in this new world order they are breeding and the new emerging economies?   But enough other folks in town – asians, aussies, others to keep it fun and real. Funny to see the Thai ladies turning down the Indians.  I never see them turn down anybody? old men, cripples, fat, ugly. However the Indians and their behavior bring it upon themselves. As I say back to the land of fun and funny.

6/7/2013 – In Bangkok and Isarn this past week.  Need to get Visa for real boss for visit Canada. This will be her 4th trip to Canada, 10th to USA. So Abdul Rahim building on Rama IV across from Lumpini is Canadian consulate. Drop off paper work package and will have to come back minimum 5 days for them to process.  Then up to Isarn to bless baby’s new home and business. Had like 100 folks and 3 monks and traditional ceremonies, good luck. Of course it is being funded by Big Boss. Good to visit Suan Thai Taco again, its been a year.  Only have 2 avocado trees alive. Canal and pond fluid level went very low this past dry season, but now rains starting to building levels again.  Pond is a gorgeous spot.  Since we built it so big and deep, still plenty of water even at lowest level.  Went for a swim, nice.

6/1/2013 – Big boss start trip back to Thai. Will take real boss back to No. America for that great weather noted below. Thai Taco business hanging in there, but real boss deserves a break, and the rest of girls will cover good enough during low season. Remember in the old days most businesses close, remodel and/or go on holiday for low season.

5/28/2013 – Now even Thai Taco quiet.  It was a great high season.

5/15/2013 – Thai Taco actually staying busy during low season. Still plenty of folks, but the rains and rough seas hold back some tourists from coming. Actually the main reason is northern lattitudes have great weather again. So the Euros go back home and crowd count in Phuket goes down considerably, on the order of 40-50%.

4/20/2013 - Phew, another songkran and big bike season done. Same fun fun fun and busy busy busy. Thai Taco continues to increase sales. The girls are just flat out and we are lucky they work through the water action. Actually its interesting to see, everybody respects food and avoids splashing meals. Anyway they pulled the pier at South end near Seaview Hotel and the seas picked up and now its raining!  Ahhh.

4/3/2013 – Patong busy, fell off maybe 20% from New Years and February peaks. Big boss go So. Cal,  No. Cal.  work St. Johns, Newfoundland, Atlantic Canada  in the slushy snow and wind. Now days off but not back to Thailand this time, that will be next days off including break for Real Boss.  Although this month is Real Boss birthday and Songkran. Currently in New Orleans, Harrahs, river walk and french quarter, downtown, warehouse and garden district, its all good. Thailand stifling heat and not raining…..yet.

3/22/2013 – Topless is quite the topic. You should see how many people around the world “google” this concept and end up at our Website, on the beach report page. I thought this little snippet in our local newspaper was classic, with the Thai Answer.  Whoever was complaining is a bit strange. Note cut n paste below.

Going topless? The naked truth
I would like to know why ladies are allowed to go topless and sometimes nude at Surin and Kamala beaches. I thought it was illegal to do so. If it is illegal, why is the law not strictly enforced? Please stop this once and for all.
G MM, Phuket. Thursday, March 21, 2013  12:07:00 PM
“Public nudity is against the law in Thailand, and beaches are public areas, so women going topless or anyone being naked on the beach is against the law.However, we are aware that tourists might not know Thai laws, and nudity might be allowed in their countries, so the first thing we do is warn them and explain the law to them.

If they do it a second time, they will be charged with public nudity and fined 500 to 1,000 baht.

From time to time our officers patrol the beaches in Phuket, but since there are a lot of tourists on the beach and a small number of officers, we won’t be able to see all of them.

If you see topless or nude people on the beach, you can call the Phuket Tourist Police at 076-223891 or 1155.”

Thursday, March 21, 2013  12:07:00 PM Capt Urumporn Koondejsumrit, Phuket Tourist Police.

2/25/2013 – Big Boss headed back to No. America.  Another great trip Thailand Phuket and Bangkok. Bankok So. Sofitel, nice new hotel for oil business course. Across from Lumpini park, which is such a relaxing exercise green retreat from the crazy, crowded, dirty city. Speaking of which, Patpong is embarrasing, place has gone downhill, Soi 4 Nana wins. Back to Phuket, just lovely, and Thai Taco busy busy busy.  Suzy Wongs is no nana plaza, but it has some talent. End of Soi Sea Dragon, in the corner, next to the new nice Kee Resort. Short walk from Thai Taco using the Kee soi.

2/17/2013 – Big Boss up to Bangkok for some oil business. Real boss working every day, busy busy busy.  A windfall,  Makro now has opened a discount volume store on Nanai in Patong.  Much better than going over the hill for supplies from their smart shop. Patong beach currently in the middle of high season, people everywhere, Beach chairs occupied 3- 6 rows deep.  Topless and thongs everywhere. Very hot, like in the 90’s F.  Of course full of Russians, but also many Europeans escaping their cold. Lots of same returnees.  Good retreat from snow in great white north for Big Boss also.

2/11/2013 – Big Boss back to Thailand after one month shift in St. Johns.  Thai Taco continued record sales.  This carrying over to Sunset Bar who houses Thai Taco. That dual/synchronicity relationship works and is winning. Fun food/drink/people watching hangout, there are large, diverse crowds daily.

1/11/2013 – Big boss back to work in St. Johns. Did fun Vegas over new years.  First day back team warned of blizzard coming. Stocked up, rode out the snow storm including 22 hr. power outage.  From the tropics to a snow blizzard. Well it is January.

12/29/2012 - Big boss escaping new years tropical Thailand tourist rush.  Was a great visit.

12/20/2012- Walking the mtn./beach regularly, counting 3-15 topless, depending upon time of day and sun. As I have said before it kind of snow balls/feed on itself, one does it then another, then more and more topless, letting go of their inhibitions on holiday. It is not a Thai custom for the gals to sunbathe topless, but again we have an international crowd and its a “let your hair down” party atmosphere. Actually the girls “tie their hair up” as it is so hot.  Lots of Russians in town, I mean lots.  Most Russian gals have flowers in their hair, nice touch. My tailor buddy said his long time business had dropped 50%. We blame it on the cheap charlie mentality that continues to invade (loss of the high end) and the unhappy, not clued in Russians displacing the more savvy Europeans and Scandinavians.  The beach carnival finished today, lots of South Thais visiting this past week as had some of the best Thai music artists in town.

12/16/2012 - Today walked to ole buds pad between middle road and Nanai, south of Junk Ceylon.  Man there is development on middle road. It was not a holiday for me, yet area was packed with happy visitors, Thais and the classic shopping, bars, hotels, restaurants, taxi stands, hawkers, etc.  Patong is a watershed, low spot, its wetlands. But its being concreted over and the sprawl of over development continues. Visited with my bud, but being sweaty, sticky and in the lowlands the mosquito’s loved me. Took a motorbike taxi back up the hill and welcomed a shower, quiet, private, air conditioning, quality internet and satellite TV. Cooked up a good dinner and felt miles away from the crush of Patong.  Middle road development, wow.

12/15/2012 – Gorgeous Patong beach walk this early am. Read the tide table, walked at low tide, whew.  Evening went to Thai Taco. Today was the official opening of high season and they celebrated with the famous Patong Parade. Traffic is a mess nowadays in Phuket. Basically too many Thais upgrading to cars/trucks from the standard issue S.E. Asia motorbike. Also way too many large construction trucks.  Ahhh, we love the reduced regulation and rules, but we see why the 1st world is so regulated by the do good’ ers. Anyways lots of traffic here already, let alone here comes high season and the barrage of visitors.  So trying to schedule a parade is asking for a mess. Being wise enough I slipped off the hill to a good seat at Thai Taco prior to scheduled start at 5pm . For 2 hours you could see nil/local traffic only passing by Thai Taco on beach road. It was obvious the police were regulating upstream and the parade was further up the road.  People waited and waited and waited. Then 5 tricked out stereo blasting cars passed by with police escort in front. Yeah!! the crowds surged to the sidewalks of the street. But then nothing for 45 more minutes. It is nice seeing beach road quiet. Then came the parade.  It was worth the wait. However as the parade ended into Loma Park down the road it was back logged. The parade did not move. Of course that did deter the many gays in the parade, they had a captive audience and continued to prance/dance/pose even though the parade stalled. Finally the parade fully went by Thai Taco for another hour, town was packed.  As the saying goes, “everybody likes a parade”.  Then came the traffic which was backed up for 3 hours!!  Traffic was packed for another 2 hours!!  Finally 2230 pm the road had quieted. I was full of Chang beer and delicious Thai Taco food.  Classic Patong event and was taken home on the hill laughing.  This place is fun and funny. Just don’t be wound up too tight or you will go nuts.

12/12/2012 – Walked the beach this am. High tide so quite the exercise navigating through the beach chairs, international beach goers and soft sand. One heck of a good sweat for big boss. The booths opened on the beach a few days back. Celebrating start of high season,  too me its the same ole south Thai’s selling their cheap goods along with beer and food.  The flies are now out this am, as they have been there a few days. Its the same old Patong local Thai crowd trying to make a baht off of tourists.  They just open up more stations on the beach using the excuse of high season beginning. Must admit the yellow carnations out for Kings Bday the other days at Dolphin Park still looks nice. Went to Thai Taco, so nice, its clean have chairs, fans and out of the sun.

12/9/2012 – Walked beach this pm. Chairs and crowds were rolling up a good day. Getting some rain, again as noted previously this a little late in the season, but very welcome to those who know.

12/7/2012 – Walked beautiful beach this am.  Counted 6 topless. Crowds down a bit, Loy Krathong holiday over, Kings Bday over. Euros that live here for winter are here. Christmas is 3 weeks away, so the holiday crowd not quite here yet. Saw 2 Russian Go Gos on Soi Bangla, even have gals dancing in windows on upper floor. Just like Pattaya, it took a few years but a closed Soi Bangla has eerie similarities to a closed walking street in Pattaya. Plenty of folks enjoying. I asked the Russian hawkers how much for beer at their joints. He said 250 baht, so that will keep the crowds down. Plenty of wild Thai go-gos at 130-140 baht per beer in Soi Sea Dragon. Thai Taco a bit quieter this weekend.

12/5/2012 -  Walked beach this afternoon, nice sunny day.  Counted 10 topless, more on north side, plenty of thong butts. Good beach crowd and nice setting as the rains are keeping the  jungle mountains green.

11/29/2012 – Walked the beach mid day today. Counted only 4 topless, yet many people here. Very hot, large beach goer population, 3 chairs deep easy. Heavy Heavy Russian/FSU content, most I have ever seen. Also good collection of elderly Europeans who have been coming here for high season forever. Also saw lots of young, just enjoying life. The airport turnstiles continue to spin at record rates. In fact they are renovating the airport  to handle the increased traffic. Granted the “over”-development, and increased traffic, crime, pollution are not helping this gorgeous, fun, unique, location image. However to all the naysayers look at the numbers, this place is more popular than ever. Thai Taco, on beach road and 3 minute walk from Crazy Soi Bangla, still doing record sales.  Our residence neighborhood is still being developed, but I still have my space, privacy and world class view. Enjoying Phuket.

11/28/2012 – Today is Loy Kratong, a special holiday sure.  Still getting some rain, which just keeps it cleaner, greener and cooler. Local news reports said rainy season would continue through December.  In fact said it would be the most December rain in 30 years, hmmmmn. By the way one of the local Soi Dongtan girls returned to Thailand for the first time in 6 years.  She met a wonderful German man, married and living a great life in Germany (Bavaria).  They are back in town for a holiday and are having a wonderful time, good story sure.

11/24/2012 – Just arrived Patong Beach. First back to the mountain jungle overlooking beach retreat… always nice.  Then headed down to Thai Taco for the evening. Newly remodeled Sunrise Bar and Thai Taco doing very very well, lots of happy satisfied, world wide customers, thank you very much.

11/22/2012 - Happy Thanksgiving for the Americans. Big boss going on a 55 day holiday from St. Johns Oil. Just did great sports weekend in Vegas. Looked at Condos, but don’t do interfere with previously established international tax advantages.  Then flew back to SE Asia. Did an all nighter in Bangkok.  Nana Go Go closed at 0230am , but the plastic chairs rolled out on the sidewalks for the rest of the night. When you are buying drinks plenty of entertainment.

11/7/2012 – Pier at Seaview rolled out late October, unofficial start of high season, nov 1 per the travel agencies.  Thai Taco busy busy busy as they deserve. Happy, satisfied, new and returning Customers from all over the world as usual.  Remember every country, “some good, some bad”.  Still see people not in the know whine and complain. Oh well their loss. See more enjoying life, but the whiners, they are so obnoxious, makes the girls feel bad, but they understand every country some good, some ba. . Makes them appreciate the good even more, just ignore the unhappy compaining whiners.  They tell them go somewhere else. You know what?  They come back Thai Taco, usually with a better attitude. Big Boss currently enjoying St. Johns, will be back to land of Thai Taco on Thanksgiving for rest of the year. Then can give a topless count. Actually the topless really does not kick in till the crowds come after xmas. Count will go from 1 to 10, to up to 100. Usually its a snowball effect, once they see people doing it, more do.

10/20/2012 – Yeah! Soi Dongtan,  Sunrise Bar and Thai Taco rebuild upgrade is over. Back in business, lots of happy returnee customers.

10/9/2012 - Off to Bangkok for trip prep, additional med shopping, nana plaza entertainment, soi see street food, renew thai passport (every 5 yrs). Look for cooler cup wetsuit material. T-shirt and logo printer Bo Pae could not understand the magic material. A little Bangkok break, real boss getting break before TT crush, big boss heading to the other side of world again.  All good. Understand Washington Square officially dead. Nana not.

10/4/2012 – Re-up heart meds with Phuket Bangkok Doc today. All good, service and value. Town still has tons of folks. The local worker bunch is tremendous, illustrating the most pumping economy of Thailand. Note the traffic into Patong every am. Note the traffic in Patong. Note the garbage/crowds/development in Patong. TT a go on construct.

9/30/2012 – Phuket continues to (over?) develop. It is a beautiful spot, currently rainy season and the mountainous jungles are just lush and green and quite the site.  The plastic trash continues to mount. The crowds continue to come, lots of happy folks from all over the world enjoying their Thai Holiday. Its aussie time right now, which is always good.  Been doing 7am beach walks, nice, short of the plastic deposition.

9/27/2012 – Big Boss back from St. Johns via Las Vegas football weekend. Speedy, Sporting Chance, and some other bars now on raised cement floor. The flood waters now go to the low lying bars. Sunrise Bar is also on a raised cement floor. New roof is almost complete. Electric was just installed today. Getting closer to Thai Taco being installed.

7/15/2012 – Soi Dongtan is being renovated via Jintana. Years of flooding and questionable wiring hopefully will be remedied. They started with Speedy Bar and Sporting Chance. Those bars moved to Friends and Sunrise during the interim. Now the construction team has convereged on Sunrise Bar. Thai Taco packed up and is on a break while the Soi gets redone.  This was how low season used to work. Get your work over done june, july, august and get ready for High Season. Of course with Thai Taco being a stable year  around, it is creating an eating void for locals and visitors a like. Be patient Thai Taco will be back better than ever, estimate late August until September.  Progress…or are we just getting older….

6/19/2012 – Back to Bangkok and Soi 4. Real boss likes the street food, big boss gets a kick out of farang/thai crowd and again spankys a good club. Always pick up meds and some other items. We stay Omni Towers, dominated by Middle east now.  Thai Taco doing good june/july the lowest sales and time for owners to visit in USA and St. Johns, Newfoundland.

6/11/2012 – Real Boss off with Big Boss to Bangkok for Canadian Visa (takes 5 days…) and to Garden property in Isarn. Bought some more fruit and flower trees for Suan Thai Taco. Windmill gear box needs replaced.  Plenty of work done on property (weeds, pruning, cleaning growths, etc) looks nice.

6/9/2012 – Heavy Rain, it is rainy season. Beach has high waters, big waves and sand moved out. Water splashing onto road in front of Seaview. Of course this the season. Always nice when the rain lets up. Thai Taco doing well, locals now adays, again all back to summer vacation back in the northern latitudes. Only Visitors are Australians and Middle East, one definately preferred over the other.  Plenty of development, again this is the season. In fact  Soi Dongtan getting a work over this low season.

6/5/2012 – Big Boss back to Patong via Soi 4 Nana Bangkok. Soi 4 classic and spankys on 2nd floor Nana plaza good collection of fun.  Soi 4 and the old men sipping their beers, the cheap charlies at Dynasty.  Stayed at Nana hotel as one night Bangkok, due to Thai Airways adjusting schedule. Now we go to Korea with 777 as opposed to long range direct Air Bus all the way LAX to Bangkok. Oh well Bangkok interesting to visit.

4/24/2012  - A day worthy of note. They pulled the blue portable pier in front of SeaView Hotel.  Associated is the big waves are coming, one set was crashing half way on beach road in front of SeaView Hotel.  This means no more cruise ships until Novemeber, Songkran finished and the beginning of low season.  Real boss reporting still record sales at Thai Taco. Beach Boyz, Tuk-Tuk drivers, local working girls all know where the good inexpensive feeds are. Of course local Farang who are also very wise to cost/value/taste/fun eat at Thai Taco regularly.  Yes tourists are down post Songkran as normal, but Thai Taco a year round event.  Big boss hanging New Orleans, definately one of the funnest cities in the world.

4/20/2012 – Big bike week slid a couple of weeks this year.  Booze, sexy women and men with their fetishes, everybody dressed in black and leathers did not mesh well with bar closures for elections and royal family funeral. Of course in typical Thai fashion all was a go a few days later.  Enjoy.

4/18/2012 - Big Boss been to Ventura, Vegas, then oil work in St Johns cold and Houston big city. Thai Taco continued record sales, locals, returnees, new, .. they all know a good deal. Songkran good again, although elections, royal family funeral, then tsunami false alarms put a bit of a dampening on opening times. Real boss doing great, record sales. Although stupid cheats still around. Now have a screwed up lady man causing Soi Dongtan problems. Works at a low life bar. This loser  took a heineken bottle then a chair to our Deang yesterday as it would not wait its turn for being fed, selfish and stupid.  The Thais know that it wont be around much longer, what a loser.  Oh well Patong has a collection, as Real boss says, “some good, some bad every country”.

2/25/2012 - Still plenty of folks in town, although it has slowed a bit. (Gauged by trying to cross Taweewong (Beach) Road to Thai Taco from the immigration post).  And by walking Patong beach.  Still plenty of topless and thongs,  some eye candy, although mostly naught. Lots of older folks here who have life figured out and are escaping the cold. Still the large European contingent, although as previously noted they are being displaced by the Russian movement. The Russian movement is a topic itself.  They really don’t know how to mingle with other people, let alone a huge language barrier.  Although hate to stereotype, as real boss Thai Taco says, “some good, some bad every country”. Thai Taco has had some good Russian customers – young hip, fun, good looking, wealthy, understand English language.  But then there are the clueless, stupid, cheaters, cheap charlies, but again we could say that about every country.  Some good, Some bad every country.  Its all fun.

2/19/2012 – Went to Junk Ceylon mall what a site.  I remember the Talat (thai fresh daily market) was their previously ~1999.  Then to see this massive development go in, then stall after Tsumani ~2004,  then new infusion of money.  Now I am shopping and the Russian content has this placed packed, I mean very busy. Wow I am getting older.

2/17/2012 – Thai Taco busy busy busy.  I’m always amazed at the range of worldwide tastes, etc. somehow gets communicated to the girls. Plenty of customers saying things like,  “this is the best food in the world”.  Then to add to that the price is so inexpensive.

2/13/2012 – Been here two days.  Patong is something else. From Nepalese, Burmese, Vietnamese, Cambodian  workers trying to make a better life, to the Thais and their unique world, to the range of Farang from all over the world enjoying themselves. To the crowds, to the developments, to the pollution, to the unregulated merge of lifestyles, what a special place. Of course the beach, mountains, jungle, tropical beauty is the important backdrop. But this wild mix works. Beach goers are 3 deep, lots and lots and lots of Russians, my 15 minute journey into the heat (1st time in 4 months) had a topless a minute.  Lots of Swiss old men who know are here enjoying the warm good life during their winter.  And Thai Taco is just a bustling as a smart, tasty, fun place should.

2/12/2012 - Big Boss back to the party town – Patong Beach.  From the snow/ice/wind of St. Johns  – Atlantic Canada, to the relaxing California Beach pad in Ventura and then Thai Airways 17 hours LAX to Bangkok. Then quickly connect to Phuket.  Real boss picks me up, then soon hanging jungle mountain pad overlooking Patong Bay, whoa…

1/25/2012 – Jam Nung, RIP brother. You join Taxi Dave Tsunami, our Sunan,  the ole ivan the uber mover shaker, then charlie who is only a dick when he is drunk, and he is (was) drunk every day. Makes you appreciate life. enjoy

1/24/2012 – Wow that was peak season. Thai Taco was hooked from Dec 10 till Jan 19. The girls did great, customers thank you, although Patong street customers always looking to cheat and ditch on a bill. My girls are not stupid.  Town packed as always, now a heavy Russian content is normal. Thai Taco still doing good, but that holiday rush was something else. Chinese new year Jan 23 really no major impact, but Farang and Thai for Christmas and New years what a celebration

12/6/2011 - Wow, Thai Taco added 19 ish new dishes by popular demand, Thai and Farang, yum.

11/25/2011 – Happy Thanksgiving. Plenty of good food at Thai Taco. Of course big boss in Houston and fed on turkey, ham, green salad, mashed potatoes and mushrooms, green bean casserole, rolls, dressing, gravy.  Then a few hours later, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, key lime pie and a cherry cheesecake cobbler. Delicious. Thai Taco knows how to eat be it in Phuket or around the world. Giving thanks, enjoy,

10/22/2011 – Bangkok a mess, so much of it underwater. Phuket fine, Bangkok is an infrastructure and growth problem. Of course there was a lot of water this year. Fortunately Thai Taco has not had to travel/work/visit Bangkok during this period. Phuket is a blast, enjoy.

10/5/2011 – Huge rains, flooded out Patong. Thai Taco opened up mid afternoon.

10/3/2011 – Big boss back to states for Houston oil capital work in prep for St. Johns, Newfoundland.

10/1/2011 -  Sun out at times, all headed to beach. Sand pretty eroded.  Today Aussie Rules Grand Final, bars backed with good fun Auzzie folks. Thai Taco had been feeding happy  groups for years.  Schools on break in Auz, Auz dollar strong, lots of holidaying in Phuket. Geelong won over Collingwood,  close game till the last quarter then Geelong moved ahead.

9/28/2011 - Bands of rains, Typhoons in Philippines. Big Flooding Bangkok, Chang Mai, Isarn. It is the season, but they say Thailand flooding getting worse over the years.  Sounds like some infrastructure needed.

9/25/2011 – Surf competition ended yesterday. They are beginning a new Asia Pro surf tour competion, hitting Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia and one event in Thailand. This is a big deal for Thailand. The Indonesians were the best and won every division. The Patong Beach conditions vary, unfortunately the last few final competions it was low tide and small waves. However there was nice conditions at other times.  All reports seemed all enjoyed Patong Beach very much.  Locals attitude and culture, music, entertainment, beach crowd and location, nightlife, hotels, food,  Bangkok movie star visitors, Patong Beach surf condition?. Sounds like next years Thai competion will be back at Patong beach?

9/21/2011 – Quicksilver/Roxy Asia annual Thailand September Surf competition hit Patong Beach. It has been at Kata, although rumor has it Kata gov’t got greedy and the organizers moved it to Patong Beach.  Good for them. As noted on our websites Patong Beach gallery page, we get waves May thru October.  Sandy bottoms create several shallow left and rights.  It is being held on North side, right past Graceland.    Competitors and fans from Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, USA, Malaysia, Japan, and Philippines all having good fun.

9/11/2011Weather High 70’s – Mid 80’s, some good rains, some sun, ahhh tropical paradise. Sat on the porch at sunrise. Viewing the ocean, the mountains, the green jungle, the chirping birds and blooming flowers.  After a  rain shower, clean and fresh, nice.

9/8/2011Steady baseline of folks still enjoying Patong.  One row of chairs on beach but good representation from India, Middle East, No. Africa, Australians, range of asians,  Russians, American Navy on R&R, and local Euros. Plenty of Thais, as their economy Phuket is Good!

9/7/2011 - Walked Soi Bangla. Huge cement developments at the rat-u-thit end.  I guess that tiger model worked? No comment.

9/6/2011 - 4 new developments in our hilltop Blue Point Neighborhood. One is condos in construction, even erected a crane. The other 3 they did the dirt work, and that means serious tree/flora removal.  One a Villa, one condominiums and one a hotel. I did not know we needed more. More dirt/silt into the ocean.

9/5/2011Back from Western USA summer vacation.  Patong low season, including 1 day big floods, but all is good. Thai Taco a favorite with locals so bizz good.

6/23/2011Winds, clouds, sun,  waves, small infrequent rain showers.  Had bbq tonight as bosses headed to states for summer vacation.

6/13/2011 - Town has folks but quiet. Thai Taco hanging in there. Sunrise bar had New Zealand family party today (Maori descent). Big happy folks and heavy drinkers, good times sure.

6/12/2011Been some on/off rain past few weeks, normal. Cools and cleans. Crowds consist of thai’s, auzzie’s, indian families, smattering of asian tourists, some m. east/n. african young males.  Have waves. Fun in the sun.

6/3-10/2011Bosses head back to Bangkok Soi See and then Suan Thai Taco in Isarn.  Soi See go go still fun, although heavy on the katoeys. Drinks are now 145 baht. Its a party. Air conditioned Landmark Huntsman Pub and Hilary music/pool bar also nice visits. She loves the plentiful Thai Street food.  Suan doing nice, needed some serious cleaning up, but local labor at 200 baht a day plus meal did good job, cutting grass, pulling weeds, pruning etc.  Windmill and pond lovely.  Lots of happy fish and good swimming. Had usual bbq and beer drinking with family/village.

5/26/2011 – Beach is very quiet. Again a hidden secret the good tropical life with nil crowds. Thai Taco still doing fine,  tasty food at inexpensive price, years of existence. Phuket Rugby 10 annual tournament now in Karon. Several of the clubs party in Patong. The Moorabbin Rams Rugby Club – Melbourne, Australia, some 40 strong (literally) are back at Sunrise Bar and Thai Taco. They hold their daily club meetings there at sunset and have quite the impressive traditions. (chugging, rules of order, time keeper, penalties, cross dressing, virgin education, organized clapping when pretty gals walk by, etc.).  A sight in itself, welcome back gentleman and now they are eating at Thai Taco and are very happy.  Other rugby clubs that party at Sailor bar know and happily eat at Thai Taco. But the Moorabbin bunch deserves special mention.

5/20/2011 – Flew Silk Air to the city/state Singapore, only 2 hours from Phuket. Again witness that local friday phenomenon, lots of happy Singaporeans off to Phuket for holiday. Conversely Singapore very impressive for a visit, Marina Bay Sands, Sentosa, Clark, Roberston, Boay Quay, 5 star hotel buffets, Orchard Rd. shopping, although figure about 6 times the cost of Thailand and there is no open land.

5/15/2011 - Crowds down. Time for quick vacation for real boss, off to Singapore combine with visa Run for Big Boss.

5/11/2011 – Big waves, eroded beach, tons of Aussies, few Russians, few Asians visiting Phuket for local weekend warrior holiday. Always see it pick up on Friday this time of year. Very hot and humid, some rain showers. Low season is a hidden secret, quieter, cleaner, cheaper, and still fun and funny.

5/6/2011 – Beach chairs have been removed from Kalim side of Patong Beach. The ones outside the Italian Restaurant, nestled in the rocks, with the springs flowing through. Low season.

5/2/2011 - Walked beach nice and quiet, definately low season, 2 topless, few thong butts.  USS Ronald Regan aircraft carrier and 3 associated ships in deepwater port Ao Makham. An assortment of 7000 young, strong, predominately males strolling through Patong on R&R after assisting Japan. They look well behaved and happy.  Also Osama Bin Laden was pronouced killed today (finally).  A special military day sure.

4/29/2011 – THAI TACO birthday party. Thai, American, Australian, German, Swiss, others?, locals, visitors, good fun sure. Had a complete roasted pig, it was cut up and devoured in a few hours. (feet, head, all..) Same day as William/Kate English Royal wedding. A special celebration day sure.

4/22/2011 – Big Boss and Real Boss off to Suan Thai Taco in Isarn with Bangkok soi 4 stopover. Street food for her, go-gos for him.  Huge Thunderstorms, shorts knocked out electrical components at Sunrise Bar/Thai Taco and at home. T.I.T. gave a little bizz to local electrician and computer service co.

4/21/2011 – They pulled the pier on the south end of patong beach. Unofficial start to low season, last cruise ship was yesterday.

4/17/2011 - 8 topless on my patong beach walk today, plenty of thong butts. Markedly decrease in crowds since songkran, most folks have to go back to reality. I see a large worldwide google search for “topless songkran” recently.  You can look at the Songkran page on the Patong Beach page of this website. Click on the you tube link. Too bad you were not here. Plan for next year.

4/12/2011 - Yeah, its Songkran time. Supposed to be April 13-15, but Patong starts when water guns are being sold. Usually there is a little bit of water starting the 11th. The 12th starts slowly but then its full on. (Hotels tell the newcomers Songkran starts the 13th). However reality splashes (literally) them in the face by  lunch time on the 12th.  Tourist say “no its starts tomorrow” wrong, splash!!  Soon they are buying a weapon and in search of a water supply. Thai Taco had good water the 12th. Again its one of the funnest events of your life.

4/9/2011 - Bike week in Patong Beach is full on. Excellent display of all types of motorcycles. Plenty of folks enjoying people watching, food, crafts, tattoos, black vests and t-shirts, beauty shows, music and general bike group networking.  It is being held at Loma Park the days before songkran, it is getting more and more popular. Had good view at THAI TACO stand on beach road as hundreds of bikes drove by. Backed up traffic and plenty of foot traffic heading to park. Fun time in Patong Beach, Songkran is next.

4/4/2011 - Beach is back to normal. Pier back, (water park finished), Star Cruises back. Some serious devastation a few hours away, but Patong Beach, back to normal sun and fun. Counted 10 topless on partial walk.  Russians (and/or FSU) and Aussies predominant. Water cleaned up, white sand, blue skies, gorgeous. A little quieter, suspect lull before the storm as Songkran crowds will begin this weekend. There is a dove outside on my window, literaly 3 feet from me, it can’t see in. Tropical paradise, enjoy.

3/31/2011 – Finally rain stopped and some sun today. Walked beach in rain yesterday, trackhoe was digging out beached ~25 ft. power boat, pier was dismantled and floating, debris on eroded beach, and water park floaters gone. Saw about 200 people on the whole of the beach. Some swimming, some wearing plastic rain jackets, others in bathing suits. Yesterday was a light rain. Looks like Surat Thani, Nakhon Sri Thammarat and Krabi big problems. Patong bay fine. Counted about 8000 stacked plastic beach chairs.

3/29/2011 – Wow. I have never seen this much rain in March.  Yesterdays storm was like a good Sept-Oct rain which is peak of rainy season. Had Sunrise bar boss B-day yesterday, good feed.

3/20/2011 – Swam and walked Patong beach again today, still world class. 22 topless on beach walk today, actually lots more present. Huge russian content nowadays, russian friend mentioned because EU more difficult nowadays for visa. They don’t have the best reputation as people, however the gals can be gorgeous. Also had our smorgasboard of euro, asian and auzzies present. All fun, sure.

3/19/2011 - Small world, met Sonoma enologist (No. Cal wine chemist) who is from So. Cal originally.  I also No. Cal and So. Cal roots. He enjoying Thailand since 2006, me since 1994. We also same age. As an experienced So. Cal surfer, he knows tacos, he loves THAI  TACO. Smart man.

3/17/2011 – Big boss back to Patong.  Crowds down from holiday season as per normal. Yesterday St. Paddys day, Irish Bar had a nice party. Nice danish elderly couple repeat visitors back. Plenty of good auzzies in town. Back to fun in the sun. To bad about Japan Tsunami, most of us here in Patong beach can relate.

3/7/2011 – My years of observations are the real current Patong Beach high season begins on Christmas and ends after 1st week of March. (2-1/2 months of crowded, higher prices, traffic, etc). The couple of weeks around early April Songkran is also nuts. Lots of good, steady, valued fun the other times of year.

1/31/2011 – Big boss back to states. Superbowl, bizz, family/friends. Patong beach rock’n.

1/27/2011 – 49 topless on todays walk. Been a few thunderstorms cleaning all up up and been windy also. Beach and town busy, definately high season. Europeans, Russian, Asians, and Australians. We love Australians, there dollar now powerful so over here holidaying during their summer. Yesterday Australia day.

1/24/2011 – Some serious clamming this past weeks low tides.

1/19/2011 – Topless count continues in the mid 20’s since the new year.  Beach still very busy, mixture of all folks, definately an increase in Russian’s (& FSU). Again the sand sitters count if very high. (won’t pay for beach chair) The entertaining Parasail take off and landing from the beach still amuses me.  Saw one land on top of umbrella during high tide landing. And it was steered by an experienced, accompanied beach boy. Seen a couple of heavier folks get dragged head first before lift offs. Fun and funny.  They changed a few roads around patong beach for traffic flow. For us its a bit longer now, too early to say it’s any better. Crossing Beach or Rat-u-Tit roads is still wild.

1/4/2011 – Walked at lunch today. Full on blue skies & water, sun, the lounge chairs full 3+ deep.  Counted 25 topless, countless thong butts,  and generally lots and lots of happy folks.  The Patong Bay New Years midnight fireworks smorgasboard was again world class. The 100 plus sailboats count now dropping and some folks actually going back to work. Town is still rock’n.

12/27/2010 - Walked Patong Beach 7am, lots of healthy happy folks enjoying the beautiful tropics, while Northern Lattitudes snowed in.

12/24/2010 – Big boss back to the tropics, escaping No. American rain/snow/cold.  Sunset beach walk, showed full happy beach crowd. Euros and Scandanavians down, Russians, India up.  Some saying it is exchange rates. Too me it is signs of BRIC emerging (globalization) Great bbq/party at Thai Taco. Fun and funny place sure.

11/15/2010 - US Soldiers (marines and navy) 3ooo strong R&R ing in Phuket. They love to eat Thai Taco. These good people helped move water food essentials to the flooded in Pakistan. Right on.

9/25/2010 – Aussie rules grand final today. Ended up a 68 tie, whoa! They play again next week. BBQ at Sailor Bar. Thai Taco always busy. Beach still quiet, low tide,  getting some of the purple shell fish. Late night slow. Big Boss back to St. Johns, NL Sept 13th.

9/9/2010 – When the sun breaks out, quite the tropical paradise and special with head count down.  Green, clean, cooler, crowds here but not a zoo. See more and more Thais coming/working here, now driving trucks and cars vs. motorbikes. Economy good for them, although its an embarrasing reckless overdevelopment.  Although still have your good valued tropical paradise in the right spots.

9/4/2010 – Owners back.  Beach walk showed low head count, good waves and tropical breezes. A quick rain shower or two and temperature comfortable, warm but not too hot.  Definately low season, although us locals are loving the beach to ourselves. Banana Disco getting a face lift covered with bamboo scaffolding?. Royal Navy beach post vacated? Soi Bangla 2000pm Saturday night packed with folks. Lots of Auzzies in town, enjoying there auzzie rules football and beers and good valued fun.

7/23/2010 – Rain, Sun, Big waves. As seen in the Patong Beach Gallery of this site, “we get waves May thru Oct”.  Big rip tides, use caution.  Its common seeing beach boyz saving folks out of the water with their jet skis.  Obey flags, stay shallow, swim at your hotel pool. Use common sense.  Still plenty of beach and sun fun.

7/15/2010 - Summer vacationers and Aussies and locals. Low season good value, low prices, low crowds, tropical rains.

6/8/2010 – Low season. Patong quiet. Now lots of rain.  Soi Sea Dragon major rebuild via Kee Plaza.

5/11/2010 – Begin summer vacation.

5/8/2010 - 4 topless. Low season beach. 1 row of chairs, not fully occupied, plenty of folks enjoying but quiet and nice.  Very humid lately, starting to get rain showers. Thai station on rocks under Ban Rim Paa gone. Lots of aussies in town, few kiwis, rugby and aussie rules games on tv. Even saw a mini criquet set up being played on beach.

5/2/2010 - We have red shirt political protests in Bangkok. We have a major subsea blowout in Gulf of Mexico. Both are near and dear to my heart. Walked jungle today minutes from mountain top view point home. Came across a large fresh water pond, then trail broke out to ocean with wave surges onto rocks. Then walked back to Tri Trang and Winsulf (Chrystal Bay) for a swim. Then monks met me for a couple of beers on the beach veranda. Made life seem ok. See Patong Bay page.

4/29/2010 – Monks birthday party at TT.  Complete roasted baby pig, lots of drinks and fun. Thank you Sunrise, Sailor, Irish, Sporting Chance, UK/Monkey, Speedy’s and Cactus Bars.

4/25/2010 – Definately quieter.  Serviced beach chairs at north end of beach near restaurants gone today.  Sand being moved by stronger water.  Still see the tourist with their sunburned skin and/or motorcycle accident bandages (a daily occurrence).  Also continue to see the rebellious young farang gal hanging with the cool thai beach boyz.  Fun in the sun. Evening thunderstorms.

4/21/2010 – Wow pulled pier today. Tons of Auzzies in town, lots of Russians also. Still a party, just changing seasons. Have waves, fun for swimming, be careful bath tub waters are finshed.

4/16/2010 – Swam warm water today. Had some waves! High tide moved out some sand. Oz folks are back in town, you could cross  a quieter beach road as crowds subsided. Oz football back on.  1st day of low season?.

4/14/2010 – Beach had highest sand occupants I ever seen. (not using/paying for beach chair service) Main reason high Thai content as Songkran holiday, and Thai’s don’t pay for chairs. Also end of day, so beach boyz racking chairs. And large high/low tide swings, currently low tide, so lots of sand available. Farang picked up quickly to Thai procedure and enjoyed sitting and playing on the sand at no cost. Interesting condition to observe.

4/12/2010 – Songkran time.  Water fights complete with ice water and baby powder spread into the entire evening,  first time I have seen that. Again water supply is the key, its not a drought, its incompetent infrastructure. T.I.T.  The fun and laughter seen and felt is one of lifes most special moments. Saw a small girl suffering from cancer, etc. treatments just in joy as she played with her family and us.

4/9/2010- 12 topless. Nice afternoon breeze. Lots of happy folks now in town.  Phuket Bike Show full on at Dolphin Park on the beach. Lots of neat motorcycle and people watching. 

4/5/2010 - 21 topless. Good sun. Plenty of folks, nice, not busy.

4/2/2010 – Walked the beach today. 7 topless. 5th day straight of  sunset thunderstorms, with heavy rain, less than 1 hr duration. Plenty of folks on the beach, but not busy, nice. The usual smorgasbord of all types,  tourists, families, new couples, beach boyz, few sun tanned regulars, classic mix of muslim school girls visiting by bus on muslim friday walking past a nubile topless scandanavian, gay section, thai children swimming section.  Everybody happy.

3/26/2010 – Big Boss back. Its been very hot, few clouds/thundershowers/winds now adding  some relief.

3/13/2010 - crowds just fell off, spring time in the northern latitudes.

3/7-8/2010 – rebuilt Thai Taco shop, quality and professional, very nice, yeah! Crowds subsiding a little bit in town. Very Hot, Songkran is coming. All water off in Patong, gov’t and local thai infrastructure problem. However water trucks deliver fine. T.I.T.  American Navy and Marines R&R on the island, Yeah!

2/28/2010 - beach packed,  all ages, doing all activities, definate increase in towel sitters on the sand vs. serviced chairs (economy?),  currently a run on clamming.

2/20/2010 - still high occupancy after chinese new year and valentines day, american soldiers just finished happy R&R,  chinese, england, middle east tourists. however the mainstay is elder europeans and scandanavians that have life figured out (support).