The morning of  December 26, 2004.  A beautiful blue sky day, Christmas was yesterday. A time to enjoy life.  And then the 9.1 earthquake off Sumatra, Indonesia. (3rd largest ever recorded)  One and half hours later the waves came to Patong  Bay.    230,000 people lost their life throughout the Indian Ocean region. On the order of 8,000 on the South Beaches of Thailand.  THAI TACO was lucky relatively speaking. It was down for 50 days. It could have opened sooner, but it was such a traumatic time. It was important to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and move on with life… if you were lucky enough to still be alive.  The girls called each other when the first wave came in. What they saw afterwards will last forever. To seeing the subsequent waves coming in at the top of the coconut trees, to swimming out of the concrete maze, to walking their motorbikes to higher ground, to staying at view point home and seeing the bay empty out and then come back in with a deafening roar - the combined sound of a large train, and thunder, and water, concrete, trees, etc. crashing. The aftermath was rough. Families broken, bodies broken, death, smells, tourists with their only belongings being their bathing suit, power off, cell phone circuits busy & batteries dying, and then warnings and scares that more waves were coming. However in typical Thai Style, people startting helping each other out and fighting back. Mother Nature, just Awesome! Wow, a once in a lifetime event.  

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